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People Bingo Collection - The Best Ice Breaker for the Classroom

Monday June 2, 2014

Comstock - Getty ImagesOur People Bingo resources have grown to the point where we decided to put them all together for you in a collection: People Bingo Collection

This is the perfect game to play in a classroom full of adults, at a conference or seminar, or any other gathering where you want people to mix and meet each other. We've started playing it at Marvelous! Girls' Night Out, and it's a big hit there.

Why play ice breakers in the classroom? Glad you asked. They help teachers in at least 5 ways: 5 Reasons to Use Ice Breakers in the Classroom

Image by Comstock - Getty Images

Screen Font Too Small? Easy Fix for Text Size

Saturday May 31, 2014

I get letters almost every day from grateful people who have found this blog about what to do when your screen font becomes teeny tiny, so I repost it every once in a while.

Somehow, the font on my screen had become so tiny I was hunched over my laptop to read it. Not good.

I reached out in frustration to my fellow guides at About, and learned that Ctrl + will increase the size. It was like a little miracle! Sometimes it's the small things (not fonts!) that make a person happy.

If you can't read your screen anymore and the problem isn't your glasses, try Ctrl + on a PC, Command + on a Mac.

And if you go too far and the font becomes giant, you can make it smaller with Ctrl - (PC) or Command - (Mac).

Here's a bit more info: How to Change Your Screen Font

Public service announcement for the day.

Are You a Good Student?

Friday May 30, 2014

Stockbyte - Getty ImagesWhat kind of student are you? Do you dare to be a great one? You don't have to sit in a classroom to be a great student. Lifelong learners are students every day.

We've got 10 Ways to Be a Great Student. How many do you practice?

Personally, asking questions is my favorite. Curiosity is the cornerstone of learning, and great students know the difference between asking the right questions and knowing the right answers.

If you've got better ideas, share them with us! and we'll all be better students.

Image by Stockbyte - Getty Images

Lesson Plans for Adults

Thursday May 29, 2014

George Doyle - Getty ImagesCreate your own lesson plans for adult education with a simple formula that's easy to customize: Easy, Effective Lesson Plans for Adults.

We can help you with the customization, too. About.com has lots of education experts, many of whom offer lesson plans in their fields, including Arts & Literature, History, Languages, Sciences, and Student and Teacher Resources.


Don't see what you need? Let me know.

Image by George Doyle - Getty Images

You Are What You Think

Thursday May 29, 2014

AMV - Digital Vision - Getty ImagesDo you know the secret power of the mind? Do you know how to create the life you want?

It's really not a secret after all. The power is available to every single person, including you. And it's free. Free is good.

You Are What You Think

If you're thinking about going back to school, start out right, thinking about what you want to be, do, and have. You have the power.

Image by AMV - Digital Vision - Getty Images

100+ Ideas for Your People Bingo Cards

Wednesday May 28, 2014

Stockbyte - Getty ImagesTeachers, summer school is just around the corner for some of you. Make your classes super fun, and your students will be more comfortable and more open to learning. How? Play People Bingo!

We have hundreds of ideas for your custom cards, which are easy to make. We'll show you how.

Our People Bingo Collection includes instructions, sample cards, and lots of ideas. The fun starts now!

5 Time Management Tips for Busy Students

Monday May 26, 2014

Marili Forastieri - Getty ImagesYou're busy. You work. You have a family. Maybe a garden or some other great project. And you're a student. How do you balance it all? It can be overwhelming.

We gathered some of our favorite time management tips for you in two lists:

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Are you ready?

Image by Marili Forasteiri - Getty Images

How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume When Applying for College

Friday May 23, 2014

Blend Images - Brand X Pictures - Getty ImagesYou took a break from college and are ready to go back, but how do you explain the gaps in your resume? What were you doing? What are you going to tell the admissions officer?

The first thing is to tell it straight. Be honest. That advice is from Ryan Hickey, managing editor of Peterson'sEssayEdge, who wrote our newest tips for adult students: How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume When Applying for College

He has three more tips for you, and they're good ones, too. With Ryan's advice, you'll breeze through the admissions process. You can do it. You're going back to school!

Image by Blend Images - Brand X Pictures - Getty Images

10 Steps to Conflict Resolution

Thursday May 22, 2014

As much as we'd all like to get along, it doesn't always happen that way in the real world. Whether you're the student or the teacher, you might be stressing out over a conflict with someone in the classroom.

It doesn't have to be anyone's fault. Sometimes it's just a matter of personality. You might have different love languages.

Oh, come on. Smile.

When you need help getting out of a situation, our 10 Steps to Conflict Resolution might help. We're pretty sure they will.

Give it a try, and if it doesn't help, come back and tell us what happened.

Thank Your Teacher with an Inspiring Quotation

Wednesday May 21, 2014

Ghislain and Marie David de Lossy - Getty ImagesThere's something about great quotations that stirs the soul. I guess it's the beauty of language.

As you seek a way to thank your favorite teachers, consider our list of Inspiring Quotations for Teachers of Adults.

You  might find something you can use just the way it is (be sure to credit the speaker), or let them inspire your own language.

Learning is such a wonderful gift. Thank your teachers.

Image by Ghislain and Marie David de Lossy - Getty Images

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