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Continuing Education May 2011 Archive


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Don't Be a Summer Slacker

Tuesday May 31, 2011
Don't be a summer slacker. And I'm not talking about seer sucker here. Get your bottom into a class this summer and learn something new. Check out your local community college ... Read More

Free ESL Classes Online

Sunday May 29, 2011
A blog I wrote more than two years ago about U.S.A. Learns remains popular today. It's evidence of the number of people seeking help with English. This particular program was designed ... Read More

Non-Trads More Enterprising than Younger Classmates

Saturday May 28, 2011
One of the criticisms I hear of the current generation of college graduates is that they feel entitled, in part because parents have eased their way through the world. Many ... Read More

Thinking About Teaching Adults This Summer?

Thursday May 26, 2011
Are you thinking about teaching adults this summer? Andragogy is different from pedagogy. It's also rewarding and fun, but know what you're getting in to so you can be successful. We've ... Read More

Graduation Gift Ideas for the Non-Traditional Student

Wednesday May 25, 2011
Need a great gift idea for the adult student in your life? We've got a few for you. Personally, I'd get the Kindle. :-) 8 Gift Ideas for Non-Traditional Students Last-Minute Gift ... Read More

Thank Your Teacher with an Inspiring Quotation

Tuesday May 24, 2011
There's something about great quotations that stirs the soul. I guess it's the beauty of language. As you seek a way to thank your favorite teachers, consider our list of Inspiring ... Read More

"What You Don't Know Can Cost You" Chris Hoffman

Monday May 23, 2011
I found a powerful editorial this morning written by Chris Hoffman for the Madison County Courier in New York about a continuing ed. class she attended on oil and gas ... Read More

Which Part of the GED Test Is Easiest/Hardest?

Sunday May 22, 2011
I don't know anyone who loves taking tests. Do you? Tests are even more angst-inspiring when you've been out of school for a while. We asked GED test takers to tell ... Read More

Should Industry Fund Continuing Education or Is There Too Much Bias?

Saturday May 21, 2011
The debate rages on. Should industry, especially in the medical field, fund continuing education, or is there too much bias inherent in that funding? Put simply, does a company that funds ... Read More

Another New Way to Earn the Certificate You Want

Friday May 20, 2011
The Knowledge Network at The New York Times has announced a new collaboration with Fairleigh Dickinson University. You can now earn a professional certificate online in the following very cool areas: Business, ... Read More

What Is a Non-Traditional Student?

Wednesday May 18, 2011
I see various definitions of "non-traditional student" on the Internet. So what is a non-traditional student? This is how the University of Arkansas defines non-traditional: The University of Arkansas considers you a ... Read More

Finally, the Awarding of a Degree Started in 1956

Sunday May 15, 2011
On Saturday, Burlyce Sherrell Logan, 73, walked across a stage at the University of North Texas and collected a diploma she started earning back in 1956. Unlike her college experience ... Read More

Move Over Indiana Jones

Tuesday May 10, 2011
Non-traditional student JR Byers won a $30,000 annual scholarship to study anthropology. I don't know if he's got the dashing looks of Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones, but he's about to ... Read More

Summer Is a Great Time to Take a Class

Saturday May 7, 2011
It's feeling like summer around the U.S. Calendars are filling up with festivals, graduations, parties of all kinds. Make room on your calendar for a class or two, and treat yourself ... Read More

Shmoop Has 32 New Learning Guides, Just in Time for Finals

Wednesday May 4, 2011
If you Shmoop, you might find last-minute study help in the company's 32 new learning guides. They include a wide range of titles, from "I Too Sing America" by Langston Hughes ... Read More

Call for Content - List Your Continuing Education Program

Tuesday May 3, 2011
Wanted: Alive! YOUR Continuing Education Program About Continuing Ed. is creating a directory of continuing education programs in every field. Make sure yours is included. Start by completing this entry form: ... Read More

Steven Tyler Wannabes - Singing for Screamers

Monday May 2, 2011
I'm loving the resurgence of Steven Tyler on American Idol. He's all over the media to promote his new book, and wailed for us on Dateline last night. I find ... Read More

Maybe You'd Like a Scholarship from David Letterman or will.i.am

Sunday May 1, 2011
There is money out there for school---just for the asking. But many scholarships get very few applicants because students don't know about them. Take David Letterman's scholarship at Ball State U ... Read More

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