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Kanji reading - What is On-reading and Kun-reading for kanji?
On-reading (On-yomi) is the Chinese reading of a kanji character. It is based on the sound of the kanji character as pronounced by the Chinese at the time the ...
How do you know when to use On-reading and Kun-reading?
On-reading is usually used when the kanji is a part of a compound (two or more kanji characters are placed side by site). Kun-reading is used when the kanji is ...
Tips for Reading for ESL English Learners - English as 2nd Language
Reading in English is a great way to improve your English. Here are some specific suggestions for ways to use your reading to work on specific English skills.
Reading German - German Language - About.com
Read German online and in print. German-language books, literature, poetry, newspapers, magazines, and other reading resources for German.
Learning Disabilities in Basic Reading
Jun 21, 2014 ... Learn about learning disabilities in basic reading. Find causes of learning disabilities and symptoms. Learn where to find help for learning ...
Summer Reading Resources - Keep Your Kids Reading
Summer Reading Resources: Here are tips, reading lists and advice on encouraging your kids and teens to read during the summer. Use these summer reading ...
Reading and Understanding Old Documents & Records - Genealogy
Considering how prevalent transcription errors are in census indexes and other databases, even modern handwriting can be difficult to read and cause difficulty ...
Resources for Reluctant Readers - Hi-Lo Books and Tips
What exactly is a reluctant reader? There are several different types according to the experts. They include: children who are intelligent and interested in reading ...
How to Read (And Understand) a Psychology Journal Article
Reading a psychology journal article can seem daunting, but following a few simple strategies can help make the process much more effective. Before you read ...
Presidential Elections - Reading Comprehension
Reading comprehension for ESL learners focusing on presedential elections. Key vocabulary list provided, as well as follow-up comprehension quiz.
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