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5 Principles for the Teacher of Adults
The teacher of adults has a different job from the one who teaches children. If you 're teaching adult students, for the best results it's important to understand and ...
Teaching Adults - Continuing Education - About.com
Information for teachers of adults, whether on the job or in the community. Find ice breakers and adult learning principles here, train-the-trainer tips, and a full ...
Easy, Effective Lesson Plan Design for Teaching Adults
Lesson plans for continuing education don't have to be difficult. Follow these instructions for easy, effective course design for teaching adults, and see how ...
5 Crucial Skills for the Teacher of Adults - Continuing Education
Are you ready to teach the adults in your class? If you have doubts, you're not alone, and we're here to help. We've got 5 crucial skills you should continue to ...
Quotations for the Teacher of Adults
A collection of inspirational quotes from famous figures throughout history, focusing on the craft of teaching for adults.
5 Tips from a Teacher of Adult Students - Continuing Education
Teaching adults can be very different from teaching children, or even students of traditional college age. Andrea Leppert, M.A., an adjunct instructor at ...
Andragogy - The Teaching of Adults
Andragogy is the teaching of adults. It differs from pedagogy, which is teacher centered. If you teach adults, you need to know about andragogy.
How to Teach Adults and Children to Sew - Sewing - About.com
Teaching adults and children to sew is fun. Once you have confidence in what you are doing and how you are approaching the task, the fun begins. Read the ...
Teachers - Continuing Education - About.com
Are your students 25+? We have resources for you - adult learning theory, effective lesson plans, and assessments, learning styles info, ice breakers.
Manage Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom - Continuing Education
Teaching adults can be challenging if you've got a student who is consistently disruptive. Learn some effective classroom management techniques.
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