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14 States Change High School Equivalency Test

Which states switched from GED to a new high school equivalency test?


On January 1, the GED (General Educational Development) test, offered by GED Testing Service, changed big time, and so did the options available to the states, each of which sets its own requirements. States now have three testing choices:

  1. GED Testing Service (partner in the past)
  2. HiSET Program, developed by ETS (Educational Testing Service)
  3. Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC, developed by McGraw Hill)

It's not always easy to find adult education information on government websites. We've updated our list of states with links to a description of each state's choice, and more links to the pages you need to visit: GED/High School Equivalency Programs in the United States

Which test did your state choose? Most kept their partnership with GED Testing Service, but 14 switched. This situation appears to be rather fluid. As states make new decisions, we'll continue to update the list. If you see a discrepancy, or a switch we missed, please let us know and we'll make the change. Here's the list, alphabetically:

1. Indiana

Indiana chose the new Test Assessing Secondary Completion test, or TASC, from McGraw Hill. Find links to the state's adult education programs: Indiana

2. Iowa

Iowa chose the new HiSET test developed by ETS, the Educational Testing Service. Find more info: Iowa


3. Louisiana

Louisiana also chose the HiSET program. Find more info about the state's new program: Louisiana


4. Maine

Maine chose the HiSET program to replace the GED. Find the links you  need: Maine

5. Massachusetts

Massachusetts has announced that the state will switch to the HiSET exams. For more information and a link to the state news: Massachusetts

6. Missouri

Missouri chose the HiSET program, too. Here are the links for more information: Missouri


7. Montana

The HiSET program was also chosen by Montana. Here are the links you need for complete info: Montana

8. Nevada

Nevada is one of the few states offering all three new computer-based tests: GED, HiSET, and TASC. Here's more info: Nevada

9. New Hampshire

New Hampshire also chose HiSET. Find links to more info: New Hampshire

10. New Jersey

New Jersey is one of only a few states so far giving students a choice of all three of the new tests: GED, HiSET, and TASC. For more information: New Jersey


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