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People Bingo Christmas Idea List

Fill Your Bingo Cards with Christmas Ideas


People Bingo is always at the top of the list of favorite games to play in the classroom. It helps your adult students get to know each other in a fun way that isn't silly, and almost everyone knows how to play it.


You'll want to review the directions: People Bingo

It's easy to make your own cards with these step-by-step instructions. For the holidays, it's especially fun to make your own from the ideas in the list below. We have lots of ideas for the rest of the year, too:

Or get ideas from our readers: What do you put on your People Bingo cards?


1. Owns a Santa suit

2. Wears a Santa hat to parties

3. Knows what a snickerdoodle is

Southern Food Guide Diana Rattray's favorite recipe: Snickerdoodles

4. Decorates before Thanksgiving

5. Cuts his or her own fresh tree

Did you know you can cut your own Christmas tree in a national forest? Well, with a permit, that is. Here's how: Cutting a Christmas Tree in a National Forest

6. Hangs stockings on the fireplace

7. Hopes for kisses under mistletoe

There's more to mistletoe than kissing under it during the holidays. Learn some "Fun Facts About Mistletoe" from Larry West.

8. Puts blow-up holiday decorations in the front yard

9. Makes his or her own wreathes

On a budget? Just like home crafts? How to Make Your Own Wreath

10. Buys presents all year long

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