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People Bingo Idea List No. 4

Perfect for Girls' Night Out


Like many others, I am sometimes loathe to play ice breaker games, but without fail, People Bingo gets people involved and laughing, whether used in the classroom or anywhere else. I played a variation at Marvelous! Girls' Night Out, an event sponsored by the women's magazine I publish, and it was a definite success. I thought I'd share with you the people characteristics I used.


Printable game rules: People Bingo

Step-by-step instructions for making your own cards. Easy!

Lots of other great ideas for your cards:


Have fun out there!

1. Has a tiger cat

Deb Peterson
Deb Peterson

2. Likes spicy foods

3. Is a lefty

4. Rides a motorcycle

5. Has a celebrity autograph

6. Kills houseplants

7. Wears socks to bed

8. Has lived abroad

9. Can dance the salsa

10. Cries over roadkill

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