1. Education
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Quotations on literacy and adult learning for teachers and students.

Learning Quotes
Everyone loves a quotation, especially brainy types. This is our collection of quotes about learning for both teachers and students.

5 Quotations on Writing
For the teacher or the student, we have five inspirational quotations on writing.

Inspirational Quotations for the Teacher of Adult Learners
Are you a teacher of adults? Be inspired by quotations about the importance of teaching. Inspired teachers change lives.

Quotations on Literacy
Quotations on the importance of literacy from Maya Angelou, Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, and others.

Herbert Spencer, Philosopher
Herbert Spencer was an English philosopher and prolific writer whose views on education are often quoted. He is known for espousing that the "great aim of education is not knowledge, but action," and that "science was the knowledge of greatest worth." This is a collection of famous Spencer quotes.

Inspirational Quotations for Adult Students, No. 1
Motivate the adult students in your life with an inspirational quotation.

Inspirational Quotations for Adult Students, No. 2
Second in our series of inspirational quotations for students is a list of sayings that have to do with the importance of an open mind.

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