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2013 Readers' Choice Award Winners

The best of the best according to our readers...


Big congratulations to our 2013 Continuing Education Readers' Choice Award winners, chosen by readers like you. We had four categories this year:
  • Best Learning Vacation
  • Best School for Adult Students
  • Best Online Education Site
  • Best Scholarship for Adult Students
Thanks to all of our participants and voters. A few of the races were close and very exciting. We appreciate you all.

1. Best Learning Vacation

2013 RCA Winner Badge
Congratulations to Project New Orleans 2013 Momenta Workshop for winning Best Learning Vacation! If you are a photojournalist, or a wannabe photojournalist, and have an interest in nonprofit work and/or all things New Orleans, this is a workshop you won't want to miss. Article coming very soon!

2. Best School for Adult Students

2013 RCA Winner Badge
Congratulations to Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University in Toledo, Ohio for winning Best School for Adult Students! The school is known as "America's Transfer College," making it a helpful step for adults returning to school online and working their way toward a dream. Read Megan Murray's article about Ivy Bridge, "Ivy Bridge Online Associate Degree Prepares Adults for Advanced Study," and Melanie Zoltan's article, "Online Associate Degree Program at Ivy Bridge College for Adult Learners."

3. Best Online Education Site

2013 RCA Winner Badge
Congrats to Social Media Marketing University for winning Best Online Education Site, a new category in 2013! If you don't know how important social media marketing is in today's world, read up: Social Media Marketing University Profile. The future is online.

4. Best Scholarship for Adult Students

2013 RCA Winner Badge
For the second year in a row, congrats to CollegeNET for winning Best Scholarship for Adult Students! CollegeNET is not your mother's scholarship. It's a whole new way of earning a scholarship--from your peers. Students are both applicants and judges. Enter your "plea" for a scholarship, and if you earn winning votes from fellow students, you win scholarship money. Very cool. CollegeNET - Peer-Voted Scholarships

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