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GED - What Is GED?

What is GED? What's involved in earning your GED credential?

GED - What Is GED?
What is GED? Find the definition of GED and an explanation of exactly what it is.

What Is the Definition of GED? What Does GED Mean? What Does GED Stand For?
Most people know that GED has something to do with a high school diploma, but what does the acronym stand for? Look it up in the glossary!

GED Overview
This is your GED overview - GED prep, GED online, GED courses, GED practice, GED test - everything you need to know.

GED/High School Equivalency Programs in the United States
On January 1, 2014, the GED test, formerly used by all 50 United States, changed to a new computer-based test, and the door opened for other testing companies to offer similar high school equivalency tests. There are now three possible tests. Which one(s) does your state offer?

GED Records
Where do you get GED records? Every state in the U.S. has official GED records of everyone who earned a GED in that state. Learn where to get a copy of your own GED records or to verify the GED records of a job applicant.

GED/High School Equivalency Prep Resources
This is your high school equivalency prep information center. What's involved in earning your certificate or diploma? What's on the test? We'll help you prepare.

10 Ways to Study for Your GED/High School Equivalency at Home
Do you want to study for your GED/High School Equivalency certificate at home? You can. For many, earning a diploma is a private endeavor. If you don't want to attend public adult education classes, you have options.

Accredited - Is Your School or Program Accredited?
Be sure your school or program is accredited or your diploma could be meaningless. There are bogus accreditation agencies out there, and bogus schools all too willing to slap a fake logo on their website and take your money.

GED Online - Tell the world about your experience with online GED.
Do you have experience with GED online? Tell the world about your experience with online GED. Was it good? Frustrating? Which sites did you find most helpful.

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