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The 2014 GED Mathematical Reasoning Test

What's on the new 2014 GED mathematics test?


The GED math test changed effective January 1, 2014. We'll tell you what's on the new test.

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Source: Compiled from information from The American Council on Education, the official GED Testing Service.

About the 2014 Mathematical Reasoning Test

The new 2014 GED Mathematical Reasoning Test from GED Testing Service is computer-based and takes about 90 minutes.

There are two parts to the mathematics test: quantitative problem solving and algebraic problem solving, with a focus on an understanding of fundamentals. Questions appear in a variety of formats: multiple choice, drag and drop, hot spot, and fill in the blank.

From the GED Testing Service website, here is what to expect on the mathematical reasoning test:

  • Approximately 45 percent of the test focuses on quantitative problem solving, and approximately 55 percent focuses on algebraic problem solving.
  • You will be tested on procedural skill and fluency as well as problem solving.
  • Problem solving skills are measured in both academic and workforce contexts.
  • The statistics and data interpretation standards are also measured in the GED® Social Studies and Science Tests.
  • You will be provided with an on-screen calculator, the Texas Instruments TI-30XS Multiview scientific calculator, for use on most of the items.

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