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The 2014 GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Test (RLA)


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The 2014 GED Reasoning Through Language Arts, or RLA, replaces the former GED Reading and Writing tests. You'll find information about the new test below.

For info on the other parts of the 2014 GED test (in the process of being update):

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Source: Compiled from information from The American Council on Education, the official GED Testing Service.

What You Need to Know About Reasoning Through Language Arts

The language arts part of the new 2014 GED test is computer-based and takes 150 minutes. It is designed to test three skills:

  1. The ability to read closely. Students must be able to determine the details being stated, make logical inferences from it, and answer questions about what they read.
  2. The ability to write clearly. Students must be able to use a keyboard (demonstrating use of technology) to write a relevant analysis of a text, using evidence from the text.
  3. The ability to edit and understand the use of standard written English in context. Students must demonstrate an understanding of English grammar, usage, capitalization, and punctuation.

Both academic and workplace texts are used, reflecting a variety of ideas, styles, and levels of complexity. The student is required to read and analyze a text, and write a response drawing evidence from the text.

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