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About the GED

Resources to help you learn about the GED test.


Earning a GED (General Educational Development) credential is a dream come true for people of all ages, from 18 to 80. If you have been dreaming of earning yours, we can help. Here's our growing list of GED resources to help you understand everything you need to know about the GED.

1. What Is GED?

Understanding what the GED means is a good place to start, don't you think? This link provides a definition, an explanation of what's involved, a description of what's on the test, required scores, help preparing for the test, and a link to help you find a testing center.

2. GED Overview

This overview goes into a little more detail about finding a class or program, including online resources and study guides, and includes study tips for adult students. There's also some advice on calming your nerves before the test.

3. GED in Your State

Every one of the United States has its own GED requirements. This is the place to start. You'll want to understand what your state requires before you get too far into the process.

4. Consider an Online High School

An alternative to the GED is online high school. Thomas Nixon writes about how to determine if online high school is right for you, and how to choose one.

5. GED Books

There are lots of GED study guides out there. We've got a list for you, sorted by publishers. It's helpful to visit a book store and flip through the choices. You'll know which book will be easiest for you to work your way through.

6. McGraw-Hill's GED Book Won the 2012 Readers' Choice Award

You almost can't go wrong with a book that wins awards. McGraw-Hill's GED: The Most Complete and Reliable Study Program won the 2012 Continuing Education Readers' Choice Award.

7. 5 Ways to Get GED Practice

If you're not sure how to go about preparing for your GED test, we've got some advice for you in this list of 5 ways to practice.

8. 10 Ways to Study for Your GED at Home

If you want to earn your GED in privacy, you can, and we can help you with this list of 10 ways to study for your GED at home. Nobody has to know unless you want them to.

9. The GED Test

We break the test down for you so you know what each section of it involves, including what you need to know, question format, time allowed, and resources for learning.

10. Which Part of the GED Test Is Hardest/Easiest?

By far our most popular page about the GED is our Readers' Respond: Which part of the GED test is hardest/easiest. More than 150 people have posted, and the comments just keep growing. Want to celebrate? Need advice or encouragement? This is the place.
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