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Celebrity GED Pep Talks


Is a pep talk from someone like a loving, but hip, grandmother inspire you? Or do you need an edgy kick in the keester to get you moving?

About Continuing Education is excited to promote a website devoted to inspiring GED seekers of all kinds with the kind of pep talk they need, presented by celebrities: YourGED.org

With a nod to YourGED, and major kudos for putting these videos together, we present the list of celebrities. Visit YourGED to be inspired by the celebrity who best suits you. Or view them all for super inspiration!

More GED inspiration:

1. Debra Jo Rupp

Debra Jo Rupp - Getty Images
Getty Images
Debra Jo Rupp, you know her as the mom on That 70's Show, offers the gentlest pep talk.

"It's not going to be easy. You'll fall down. You put a band aid on it and get back up..."

2. Terry Crews

Terry Crews - Getty Images
Getty Images
Terry Crews, actor and former NFL player, is really a softy deep down inside. That's what he says, so his pep talk is not what you might expect from the big guy. Need sympathetic? Terry's your guy.

3. Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick - Getty Images
Getty Images
Do you feel like you're on an island with no way off it? Henry Ian Cusick knows what that feels like. Get a gentle nudge in the right direction, a caring pep talk, from Henry, and find your way off that island.

4. Wendy Raquel Robinson

Wendy Raquel Robinson - Getty Images
Getty Images
Be inspired by actor Wendy Raquel Robinson, who believes in the power of education so much that she co-founded the performing arts school, Amazing Grace Conservatory. "Take your life in a better direction," she says. Do it.

5. Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jamie-Lynn Sigler - Getty Images
Getty Images
If you believe in yourself, like she did, you can prove anything, says Jamie-Lynn Sigler, mafia princess Meadow Soprano, of the Sopranos. You can do it. Jamie-Lynn will convince you.

6. DMC

Darryl McDaniels (DMC) - Getty Images
Getty Images
Nervous about getting your GED? Darryl McDaniels, DMC in the place to be, says he gets nervous too. It means you care. Be enlightened by this cool rapper. "It's a real cool thing to get your GED..."

7. Jerry Stiller

Jerry Stiller - Getty Images
Getty Images
It doesn't matter if you're unsure, actor Jerry Stiller is unsure about a lot of things, and look how successful he has been. He'll get in your face, if that's what you need, to give you a pep talk about getting your GED. You can find it in yourself! Jerry says.

8. Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd - Getty Images
Getty Images
What's in your future? Stop hiding behind theoretical futures, like winning the lottery, and take the advice of eccentric "Back to the Future" actor Christopher Lloyd and get your GED. Go to it!

9. Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez - Getty Images
Getty Images
Actor, radio personality, and rapper Angie Martinez delivers a stern pep talk. "This is about you." She wants you to find your big break by finding your own loud, proud voice that's deep down inside you.

10. Alfred Molina

Alfred Molina - Getty Images
Getty Images
Not a peppy person? Neither is Alfred Molina. He's more of the "intense" type. Need an intense pep talk? Alfred's your guy. He's intense, but he'll also make you smile. Now go out and get your GED!

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