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e-learning - e learning - elearning - What Is E-learning?


Definition: What is e-learning? E stands for electronic, so e-learning is any kind of electronic learning, most often thought of as via the Internet, but also including any learning that involves technology.

When you do any of the following, you're e-learning:

  • Take a class or test online
  • Attend a webinar
  • Sit in a classroom in one city and watch an instructor in another city
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Listen to an educational CD
  • Watch an educational DVD

Any time you're using technology to learn, it can be considered electronic learning, or e-learning.

Pronunciation: ee lurning
Also Known As: e learning, elearning, electronic learning, online learning, computer based training, computer-based instruction
Alternate Spellings: e learning, elearning
I prefer e-learning over sitting in a classroom listening to a boring teacher.
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