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www.fafsa.gov - June 30 Deadline at www.fafsa.gov for Financial Aid

Go to www.fafsa.gov by June 30 for Government Financial Aid


June 30 is the deadline every year at www.fafsa.gov for applying for financial aid from the U.S. government. www.fafsa.gov has easy steps on the main page, clearly explaining how to apply.

Use the worksheet they provide to make sure you have all the information you need before starting the online application. Here's the list of documents to start gathering:

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver's license number
  • W-2 forms or other documentation of money earned
  • Your federal income tax return and your spouse's (if separate)
  • Your parents' income tax return (if you're still dependent)
  • Untaxed income records
  • Current bank statements
  • All investment records
  • Any veteran's education benefits
  • Alien registration or permanent resident card (if not a U.S. citizen)

It sounds complicated, and there is a lot of info to gather, but it's free money. Do not pay anybody to apply to www.fafsa.gov for you.

If you need money for school, start at www.fafsa.gov.

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