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When you need at quick refresher on how to write an essay or a learning contract or anything school-related, this is your place.

How to Change Text Size
Learn how to change text size on your computer screen and save your eyes. I get mail every week from people thanking me for this simple way to change the size of font on your computer screen.

Find Great Research Paper Data from Data.gov
You can find some really great research paper data at data.gov, and the information is growing daily. Search three current catalogs of data: raw, tools, and geodata. From police stats to insurance estimates and land use, you'll find more data than you can possibly use. Need to know about oceans and estuaries, population, health and nutrition,...

5 Quick English Grammar Tips
I often hear five English grammar mistakes from people who grew up speaking English. It's a difficult language to master. In many rural areas, English grammar becomes relaxed and just plain wrong. How's your grammar? Here are 5 quick English grammar tips. Brush up before you go back to school. You might save a little embarrassment.

Writing a Personal Essay
Don’t be surprised if writing a personal essay is one of the first assignments you get upon returning to school. You know, "What I Did on My Summer Vacation." Be prepared. Writing a personal essay is actually one of the easiest assignments, but like all other kinds of writing, there are specific aspects of the essay form your teacher will be...

Writing a Research paper
Your assignment is to write a research paper. How? I'll walk you through the process in 10 steps. Writing a research paper just got easier. Ready? Let's get started.

6 Tips for Improving Your Writing
Writing can make non-traditional students a little nervous. If you're going back to school after decades, we've got 6 tips for improving your writing skills.

How to Write a SMAART Goal
Writing down your goals is often the most important first step you can take when learning something new. Writing SMAART goals is even more important.

Reach Your Goal with a Learning Project Plan - LPP
Make setting and reaching goals easier than ever with a learning project plan. Ron Gross explains how to make a learning project plan that fits in your wallet.

Speech - Give a Speech People Remember
What makes a speech a great speech, one people remember? The key is in your message, not your presentation. Use the six sticky principles taught by Chip Heath and Dan Heath in their book Made to Stick, and give a speech people remember.

Share Advice
Have advice for non-traditional students? Here's your opportunity to share it. From GED advice to the best ways to learn a new language. Speak your mind.

Meditation - How to Meditate
Meditation is one of the great secrets in life. If you're not already someone who meditates, give yourself a gift and learn how. You'll relieve stress, study better, and wonder how you ever got along without it.

How to Finish College - Spencer's Checklist
My friend, Spencer, dropped out of college in his senior year. What did he have to do when he was ready to go back? Here's his checklist for how to finish college.

How to Write a Learning Contract
A learning contract is a document a student creates to compare current and desired knowledge and abilities, and determine the best strategy for bridging the gap. The learning contract includes learning objectives, available resources, obstacles and solutions, deadlines, and measurements.

Reach Your Goal with a Personal Development Plan
A goal is so much easier to reach when you have a plan, a personal development plan. Whether your goal is related to being a better employee, getting a raise or promotion, or is just for you as a person, this plan will help you succeed.

How to Change Your Screen Font
Change the size or look of your screen font with these easy instructions.

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