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Ice Breaker - Snowball Fight

Paper snowballs? Yes! Introductions and reviews the fun way.


Every adult who grew up with snow loves a snowball fight, no matter how old or young they are. Well, almost every one of them. This snowball fight doesn’t send icy shivers down the neck of your jacket or sting your face. It’s just fun, memorable, and effective. And you don’t need mittens. One, two, three…fight!

Ideal Size

This game would work with any size.

Use For

Introductions, recapping learning, quiz prep, or any time you need to “test” retention.

Time Needed

As long as you can stand it. 20-30 minutes is ideal.

Materials Needed

Paper from your recycle bin would be perfect if one side is blank.


If used for introductions, give each student a piece of paper and ask them to write their name and three fun things about themselves. Have them crumple the paper into a snowball. Divide the group into two teams on opposite sides of the room and let the snowball fight begin!

When you call stop, each student is to pick up the nearest snowball and find the person whose name is inside. Once everyone has found their snowman or snowwoman, have them introduce him or her to the rest of the group.

If used for recapping or test prep, ask students to write a question regarding the topic you want to review. Provide each student with several pieces of paper so there is abundant snow. If you want to make sure certain issues are covered, add some snowballs of your own.

When the snowball fight is over, each student will pick up a snowball and answer the question in it.

If your room accommodates this, it can be nice to keep students on their feet during this exercise since they’ll be picking up snowballs throughout it. Moving around also helps people retain learning, and it’s a great way to energize a classroom.


Debriefing is necessary only if you’re recapping or prepping for a test. Were all topics covered? Which questions were the hardest to answer? Were there any that were too easy? Why is that? Were they gimmes or was it because everybody has a thorough understanding?

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