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People Bingo Idea List No. 1

Make your own People Bingo cards with ideas from our list.


Almost everyone knows how to play bingo, and many people can sing the B-I-N-G-O song for you, although it's entirely unrelated!

People Bingo follows ordinary bingo rules, except that the game is played while mingling in the classroom or at a party looking for specific "people" characteristics. Find a person with a characteristic on your card and mark it or write their name down.

You can buy People Bingo cards, but if you like making your own, we've got step-by-step instructions and several lists of great characteristics to get you started. The great thing about making your own cards is that you can customize them for your group, especially if you know a little bit about the people playing.

Need printable game rules?: People Bingo

We have lots more ideas for you:

1. Has a tiger cat

2. Plays the bongos

3. Likes very spicy food

4. Is a lefty (left handed)

5. Tried bungee jumping

6. Lived abroad

7. Speaks French (or any other language)

Learn French with Laura Lawless: French Language

8. Still eats peanut butter

9. Rides a motorcycle

10. Has a celebrity autograph

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