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Best of Continuing Education 2012


As we celebrate the end of another year, a year that did not end as the Mayan calendar predicted, here's our list of the Best of Continuing Education 2012, as established by you, our readers.

1. Top 10 Ice Breakers for Adults

Student laughing by Comstock - Getty Images
Comstock - Getty Images
At the top of our list almost every single year is our collection of the best ice breaker games for adults, whether they're gathered in the classroom, around the conference table, or in your home. You may get some groans when you introduce an ice breaker, but we guarantee these games will be fun and elicit laughter.

2. Screen Font Too Small?

Jupiterimages - Getty Images
Jupiterimages - Getty Images
I suspect the proliferation of digital gadgets has spurred the popularity of this piece. I get letters almost every day from people grateful to have found the key to making the font on your screen bigger and easier to read. You don't have to strain your eyes any longer! The fix is easy.

3. Two Truths and a Lie

Stockbyte - Getty Images
Stockbyte - Getty Images
Two Truths and a Lie has knocked People Bingo off the top of the favorite ice breaker list. What does that say about our society? If you watch much reality TV, you won't be surprised. You also might like playing this fun game! Can you stump the other participants? What's true about you, and what is a lie?

4. People Bingo

People Bingo Card
Deb Peterson
Although knocked down a peg, People Bingo is still one the most popular ice breakers of all time. It's especially easy to customize for groups of any kind. We show you how to play, how to customize your own cards, and give you lots of ideas to get you started. B-I-N-G-O!

5. 5 Principles for the Teacher of Adults

Teaching by Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy - Getty Images
Teaching by Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy - Getty Images
The teacher of adults has a different job from the one who teaches children. If you're teaching adult students, it's important to understand the five principles of teaching adults. It's important to know how adults learn. We've got lots of other great articles for the teacher of adults: Teaching Adult Learners

6. Writing a Personal Essay

Writing by Patagonik Works - Getty Images
Patagonik Works - Getty Images
Writing a personal essay is a very popular assignment. Be ready for it by understanding what makes an essay personal. We'll walk you through it and provide you with lots of writing support. You'll find the personal essay one of your easiest assignments!

7. Marooned

Deserted Island by Matthew Winterburn / Flickr
Matthew Winterburn / Flickr
No. 7 on the list is another ice breaker: Marooned. This ice breaker is a great introduction when people don’t know each other, and it fosters team building in groups that already work together. I have always found people’s answers to be very revealing about who they are as a person.

8. Should You Go Back to School?

Student with Laptop by Nick White / Digital Vision / Getty Images
Nick White / Digital Vision / Getty Images
Adults went back to school in droves in 2012, for many reasons, including degree completion, advanced degrees, GED, professional certification, and the sheer joy of lifelong learning. School isn't for everyone, however. We've got eight questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not you should go back to school.

9. GED in Your State

GED at Home by Javier Pierini - Getty Images
Javier Pierini - Getty Images
GED requirements vary depending on where you live. We've got a list of states with links to their individual websites. Find out what you need to do to earn a GED in your state.

10. Warm Ups for Lesson Plans

Student laughing by John Burke - Getty Images
John Burke - Getty Images
Last on the list, but certainly in no way the least, is our collection of ice breakers teachers can use as warm ups to lesson plans. There are lots of reasons teachers use ice breakers in the classroom, and this is one of the most popular. Get your students ready to learn by priming their brains.

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