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School and program profiles for non-traditional students seeking to continue or complete their education.
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Should You Go Back to School?
Going back to school is a serious proposition. Consider these eight things.

5 Reasons Women Should Learn to Code
Robyn Steinberg of NYCDA gives you five reasons you should learn to code (now!) if you're a woman. Do you know why?

Accreditation - And Why It Is Important
Are you investing in an accredited school? Make sure, or your credits might not transfer and your degree may be worth less than you think.

Choosing the Right School
Once you've identified what you want to go back to school to learn, how do you find the right school? Clearly, location and cost are big factors. If you live in a metropolitan area, you've got a lot more choices. Sometimes there can be so many schools to choose from that it's difficult to know which one is best for you.

Accredited - Is Your School or Program Accredited?
Be sure your school or program is accredited or your diploma could be meaningless. There are bogus accreditation agencies out there, and bogus schools all too willing to slap a fake logo on their website and take your money.

A University Admission Checklist
A university admission checklist can make you feel a lot more prepared for going back to school. Do you know which documents you need for university admission? Here's a handy checklist from Arkansas State University Mountain Home . Check with your local university. Theirs might be slightly different.?

5 College Admission Tips
Before sending off your application with hopes for admission in your favorite college, check these five tips.

The Entrance Exam You Need to Get Into School
Once you've decided to go back to school, the next step may be sitting for an entrance exam. Do you know which one you need? Where to go to take it?

Health Care Career Choices
A roundup of schools and programs in the health care field.

Free Learning

One of the best things about the Internet is that lots of sites offer free learning. Whether you want to take in a free lecture, speak a new language, or learn how to use your computer, you'll find free lessons online.

I'll keep building the list, so check back often.

Invitation to Submit Your School Profile
This is your personal invitation to submit your school profile. Does your school offer continuing education courses for non-traditional students? Then list your school with About.com and tell us all about it. See submissions

Free Schools Listed at OpenCourseWare Consortium
There's a whole world out there of free schools for the lifelong learner. Many are well-known institutions of higher education. MIT, for example. The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a good place to start looking for free schools.

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