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Get Back-to-School Inspiration at Graduation

Whether It's Your Own Graduation or Someone Else's


Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe spoke at Mountain Home High School's 2010 baccalaureate. He shared a very personal story with the graduates - his mother didn't finish high school.

She dropped out because she was pregnant - with the future governor.

She waited tables her entire life; never owned a car.

They moved a lot. Beebe attended five schools in fifth grade.

His mother saved whatever extra cash she had so Beebe could keep going to school. She saw him earn a law degree and reach the state senate before she died in 1987.

It was inspiring.

In addition to celebrating what the students of Mountain Home had accomplished so far, he implored them to keep learning.

"If you want choices in life," he told them, "you better have an education. You're just part of the way through. You're commencing education for the rest of your lives."

As I sat in the audience, I watched the faces around me. I could see back-to-school inspiration in almost every one of them.

I invite you to do the same at the graduations you attend. Take it all in. Get back-to-school inspiration at graduation, whether it's your own graduation or someone else's. Learning is lifelong. Why stop now? Why stop ever?

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