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Gift Ideas for Adult Students

From expensive to stocking stuffers, including last-minute homemade ideas.


It's fun having an adult student on your gift list, whether it's during the holidays or for graduation. We have several lists for you to peruse, and they include expensive things, stocking stuffers, and easy, last-minute homemade gifts.

1. Gift Ideas to Give the Adult Student a Break

Dinner Date by Burke/Triolo Productions - Getty Images
Burke/Triolo Productions - Getty Images

Life can get a little crazy on occasion, especially when you're an adult student balancing school, work, life, the holidays, whatever. We all have different "to do" lists, don't we? Give the adult student you love a much-needed break by giving him or her one of these five gifts. They'll love you for it.

There's a nice price range here, too.

2. 10 Car-Related Gifts for the Adult Student Who Drives in the Winter

Snowy Evening by Antonio M. Rosario - Getty Images
Antonio M. Rosario - Getty Images

You know the scene: class is dismissed at 10 p.m., your favorite adult student walks wearily to the parking lot and finds five inches of snow on the car. Underneath, there's a layer of ice. The drive home is sure to be treacherous.

You are the hero because you thought ahead and gave your student a winter car kit containing everything he or she needs to be safe on the way to and from school in the dead of winter. Yay you!

3. 8 Gift Ideas for Non-Traditional Students

Housekeeping by Simon Battensby - Getty Images
Simon Battensby - Getty Images
This is a pretty eclectic collection of ideas, from a personalized scholarship to a nice frame for your favorite adult student's diploma or certificate. Something engraved is always nice. Housecleaning is even better. This is a don't-miss list.

4. 10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Adult Students

The Adult Student's Guide to Survival & Success by Al Siebert and Mary Karr
Al Siebert and Mary Karr

Affordable gifts are attractive, especially when you're on a tight budget. Buying a gift for the adult student on your list really can be affordable, and nice to boot!

How about a book bag with a success book in it? Not enough? Have the bag embroidered! Too much? You can find some cute little reading glasses for around $10.

Check this list for more great ideas for the giver on a budget. These make great stocking stuffers, too!

5. Electronic Gift Ideas for Adult Students

Kindle, courtesy of Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle

Electronics have made the adult student's life so much easier! Remember when students typed papers on manual typewriters? No? Well, they did, and they don't have to anymore.

If your adult student is lacking in some of the electronics every student should have, maybe you can help. There's even an idea on this list for under $20. Can't go wrong there!

6. Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Adult Student

Meditate by Dougal Waters - Getty Images
Dougal Waters - Getty Images

For the procrastinators out there, we have a nice list of easy, last-minute gifts to save your hide. All of these ideas are free, but they require a little work on your part. That's partly what makes them such great gifts.

Give of yourself in ways that really matter, and make your adult student's life a little easier. Surely he or she deserves it.

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