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Fake Certificates

Should you buy a fake professional certificate?


Fake Diploma by Stockbyte - Getty Images

Fake Diploma

Stockbyte - Getty Images
Should you buy a fake professional certificate? Fake continuing education units (CEUs)? You can. You can buy fake trade certificates, business certificates, fake diplomas of all kinds, but should you?

There are companies on the Internet that will sell you a fake diploma, a fake certificate, for less than $100. You can get massage therapist certificates, hair stylist certificates, accounting, plumbing, chef, even teaching certificates. All fake!

Is this a good idea?

If you want to throw your money away, and buy some bad karma to boot, go ahead, but you will only add to the trouble in your life, not solve it.

You will be out $100, or more! You will not have the education to back up this fake diploma. You will not feel any better about your missing accomplishments. You will not fool anybody, especially an employer. And if you do fool them, it won't be for long.

If you can't perform the job you got with your fake diploma, your fake certificate, you won't keep the job. You'll likely be shamed. You may even be sued. And you'll be right back where you started. Oh yeah, less the money you spent for the fake diploma.

Don't be a sucker. Earn your diploma the right way. Earn your certificate the right way -- by learning.

It doesn't matter if no one ever finds out. You know, and you're the only one who matters.

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