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Ivy Bridge Online Associate Degree Prepares Adults for Advanced Study

Earn an associate degree, then transfer to complete your bachelor's


Erin Teuton and her family

Erin Teuton and her family

Erin Teuton
Updated September 25, 2012
When you take a closer look at what today's college students really look like, "non-traditional" students are no longer in the minority. In fact, 75% of students attending college are commuters who are often juggling family, jobs, and school all at the same time.

It's a reality common to many of the students at Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University, a unique online degree program that serves a large population of continuing education students and adult learners.

"Looking back I never expected to still be in college at the age of 35," says Erin Teuton, an online student at Ivy Bridge. "I was employed as a certified medical assistant for several years before meeting my husband and starting a family. Once my firstborn son arrived I decided to leave the workforce and stay at home. I don't regret a single aspect of my decision. However, now that all my children are in school, I feel the desire to return to work and contribute financially to my family."

Ivy Bridge College offers a variety of online associate degrees that make it possible for students like Erin to pursue their education while taking care of other responsibilities. But what makes the program really stand out, is that students can also take advantage of the school's comprehensive transfer program to transfer their associate degree to one of more than 150 partner colleges and universities across the U.S. and graduate with their bachelor's.

Personal Attention and Academic Support

Teuton, who had some previous college credit she was able to transfer, started at Ivy Bridge College in May of 2011 in the Healthcare Administration program and since then has enjoyed the school's close-knit community and large number of non-traditional students.

More than 65% of Ivy Bridge College's students are 21–40, and 22% are 41 or older. Because the program offers flexible online courses and the option to either stop at an associate degree or move on to complete a bachelor's, it's been a popular choice for students who are returning to school after taking a break.

"Once I decided to resume my education, I settled on online schooling. It allowed me to still be available to my kids while completing my education," Teuton says. "And with Ivy Bridge, my credits transfer to other colleges, which affords me the opportunity to pursue my bachelor's degree."

Ivy Bridge also includes a comprehensive set of support services. Every student receives personal attention from a success coach—their main contact at the college who is there to help them choose a major, set a clear pathway for study that fits their transfer and career goals, and help address any problems that may arise. Other support services such as online tutors, career counseling, technical support, and library services are available as well, creating a community that's engaging and interactive, just like an on-campus experience.

An Exceptional College Transfer Program

One of the things that makes Ivy Bridge's program attractive to adult learners, is that the associate degree program is specifically designed to easily transfer to a bachelor degree program. Students can sign up for two years of college and, after exploring their strengths and interests, are in a better position to make the decision to pursue their bachelor's.

“Ivy Bridge College's main focus is to provide an academic program that prepares students for advanced study at a four-year university," says Ivy Bridge College Dean, Kim Brooks. "Each degree program covers the general education curriculum and elective courses a student needs to move on. Additionally, our coaches help them master the life skills they need to be successful once they get there."

Ivy Bridge's academic programs give students the knowledge and experience they need to do well at a four-year school, but the college also provides students with connections to more than 1,000 bachelor's degree programs through their college transfer program. Transfer agreements with more than 150 colleges and universities across the U.S., including top schools like Kansas State University, Arizona State University, City University of Seattle, and the State University of New York, allow Ivy Bridge graduates to enjoy seamless transfer to top schools.

"As long as they meet the GPA and program requirements, Ivy Bridge graduates are guaranteed acceptance to our transfer partners," Brooks says. "That means their credits will be accepted and they'll begin their courses as a junior."

Tuition and Financial Aid Options

Ivy Bridge full-time tuition and fees are $4,250 per semester (12–16 credits/semester), and $400 per credit hour for part-time enrollment (3–11 credits/semester). For non-traditional students attending the online associate degree program full-time, the two-year degree would cost $21,250 in total. Ivy Bridge also accepts FAFSA and federal financial aid.

An Expert Faculty and an Engaging Community

All of Ivy Bridge College's online courses are taught by Tiffin University faculty who possess a minimum of a master's degree in their field or significant work experience. Students will never have a graduate student or teaching assistant as their professor, and choosing Ivy Bridge has other benefits over on-campus programs that will appeal to adult students.

"Unlike a lot of colleges right now that are overcrowded, our courses are available every semester and typically have 15 to 30 students," Brooks says. "With Ivy Bridge, you don't have to worry about class availability or being lost in the crowd, and you'll always have access to your instructors."

The college's emphasis on personal attention and support has made it stand out among other online choices.

"Ivy Bridge has provided me with the support and education that I need," Teuton says of her time at the college. "My success coach contacts me on a weekly basis to provide positive reinforcement and encouragement—something I feel every student needs and deserves. I have had a very positive experience during my time here."

To learn more about the online associate degree and college transfer program at Ivy Bridge College, visit their website at ivybridge.tiffin.edu/online-courses/get-info or call 877-611-4919.

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