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CNA Training in New York for Nurse Aide Jobs - Finger Lakes Community College

Certified Nurse Assistant Courses for Continuing Education in Health Careers


Nurse Aide Training in New York at Finger Lakes Community College

Nurse assistant students at Finger Lakes Community College receive hands-on training for CNA courses, HHA training, and more.


Entry-level medical jobs such as certified nurse assistant, home health aide, medical assistant, and phlebotomist positions offer job stability in one of the fastest-growing occupation fields -- health care.

Certified nurse assistants help registered nurses manage a variety of medical tasks related to patient care. This entry-level health career requires 130 to 160 hours of training and can be completed without a GED. With steady, strong job growth predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics through 2018, many colleges and universities nationwide are experiencing surges in enrollment in health career programs such as CNA training.

Finding free CNA training or low-cost nurse aide classes at schools like Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, New York makes sense for workers looking for job stability.

The CNA training course at FLCC is one of the most popular programs in the continuing education department, and for this high-unemployment region, Certified Nurse Assistant certification is in demand -- for both workers seeking jobs and for employers ready to hire.

Certified Nurse Assistant Training in Upstate New York

With more than 650 students enrolled in the Professional Development and Continuing Education department at FLCC, the 45-year-old school serves an area of upstate New York that has experienced a dramatic loss of manufacturing jobs in recent years. Continuing education students seeking certified nurse assistant training want job stability and security.

"The typical CNA student," says Lynn Freid, Manager of Business Development and Training at FLCC, "is an individual seeking to enter the health care field in an entry level position. This individual is looking for quick training that will give them the NY state skills required to obtain NY state CNA certification."

While about 150 students are enrolled in online courses, the majority are in "on campus" classes, as "hands-on health care skills are required by NY state and are delivered in the lab and clinical setting of the training program," according to Freid.

CNA Training for Nurse Aide Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor projects that nurse assistant jobs for certified nurse assistants will be one of the fastest growing professions through the year 2018, making CNA training and Home Health Aide training popular continuing education programs.

According to Marcia Lynch, Continuing Education specialist at FLCC, the CNA training program "enrolls students who have been laid off from manufacturing organizations and see this as an opportunity to do something they have always wanted to do. We have students that have/are just graduating from high school or getting their GED and are looking for a career path that they can begin within their community. And, we have students who desire to go on for RN or PA and start with our program."

Nurse Assistant Courses with Job Placement

How well does FLCC nurse assistant training prepare students for the New York state CNA exam, and what about job placement for nurse aide graduates? Freid syas, "Our statistics speak for themselves: 98% pass rate on the NY state exam and 98% employment in the field. The Finger Lakes region health care employers WANT the FLCC-trained CNA."

Basic admissions requirements for certified nurse assistant certification training include:

  • 16 or older
  • 9th grade reading level or higher (preferably a GED graduate, high school graduate, or actively working toward GED completion)
  • Up-to-date immunization record with MMR and PPD
  • Good communications skills and people skills

Free CNA Training in New York Possible

The full program cost in New York is $1,750, which includes all tuition, fees, books, one set of scrubs, and a name tag. Federal financial aid can be used for the cost, so students who qualify for grants based on need may be able to receive full financial aid.

In addition, free CNA training in New York may be available through the NYS Department of Labor via programs such as Workforce New York. Veterans may receive full vocational training grants through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as well.

To learn more about CNA training in New York at FLCC, please contact the nurse aide training program.

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