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Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies

Best School for Adult Students in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards


2012 RCA Winners Badge
Updated March 29, 2012
Congratulations to Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies for winning the 2012 Best School for Adults Readers' Choice Award! It was a close race against St. Edward's University.

The short name for Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies is SLU for Busy Adults. It's a great name because almost every adult who returns to school has a very busy life balancing work, school, family—life!

SLU offers adult degree completion programs, professional development, continuing education and personal growth for lifelong learners. To help you fit school into your busy life, the school offers online, evening, and weekend classes to students worldwide.


Online classes at SLU are the most flexible, ready whenever it's convenient for you. On-site classes meet once a week on evenings and Saturdays. Blended classes are a combination of online and on-site in St. Louis, Missouri and in Belleville, Illinois.

Also helpful to busy adults is SLU's accelerated schedule. Five accelerated eight-week terms are available every year. Students can choose the pace that's right for them.

Faculty in the School for Professional Studies are working professionals "who bring their experience to the classroom and make sure that courses provide job relevant knowledge and skills."

About SLU

From the SLU website: SLU is a Jesuit, Catholic university ranked among the top research institutions in the nation. The university fosters the intellectual and character development of more than 13,000 students on campuses in St. Louis and Madrid, Spain. Founded in 1818, it is the oldest university west of the Mississippi and the second oldest Jesuit university in the United States.

As a Jesuit institution, SLU has a longstanding, nearly 200-year-old tradition of serving students of all ages. SLU enhanced its focus on adult students in 1963 when it launched one of the first schools in the country dedicated to adult learners. Since then, the School for Professional Studies has evolved into one of the most innovative, adult-focused programs in the country.


SLU's mission "values and promotes academic excellence, student-centered learning, life-changing research, expert and compassionate health care, spiritual formation, and a strong commitment to service and social justice."

President Lawrence Biondi, S.J. states his own mission in the university's 2012 accreditation report: Magis: Advancing Mission into Saint Louis University's Third Century:
"My vision is to establish and maintain Saint Louis University as the finest Catholic university in the United States, wherein the entire University community is actively engaged in student formation. Challenged by outstanding faculty and a modern, value-centered curriculum reflecting the Jesuit tradition, students are fully prepared to contribute to society and to be effective leaders of social change based on the ethical values and principles taught in the Saint Louis University tradition."

The Five Dimensions of the Saint Louis University Experience

SLU promotes five dimensions they seek to provide students. The dimensions are:
  1. Scholarship and knowledge
  2. Intellectual inquiry and communication
  3. Community building
  4. Leadership and service
  5. Spirituality and values


Also from the university's website: Faithful to its values of promoting social justice and the dignity of all human beings, Saint Louis University is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes and celebrates all expressions of diversity and identity that advance the Jesuit mission of forming women and men for and with others. This commitment inspires and prepares students, faculty and staff to create communities unburdened by discrimination and oppression.

Not all students at SLU are Catholic. In fact, most are not. In 2010, almost 14,000 students in the School for Professional Studies designated themselves as "other Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Other, No preference, and Not specified."


SLU offers scholarships based on academic achievement, talent, service, leadership and financial need. The school also offers financial aid in the form of grants and loans, some of which must be repaid.

For more information about Saint Louis University School for Professional Studies, visit slu.edu.

From Allen Grove, About.com's Guide to College Admissions: Saint Louis University Profile.

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