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Are You Ready to Go Back to School?


If you're an adult returning to school, you might have some willies. What will it be like? Will you be good at studying? How will you be in the classroom?

Will you be ready?

No worries. We've got some great stuff to help you be ready: from balancing school, life and work to priming your study skills, from getting psyched up for learning to preparing you for participating in the classroom. Returning to school involves more than reading a textbook and taking tests. Are you ready? You can be!

1. Start with Balance

Marili Forastieri - Getty Images
Marili Forastieri - Getty Images

Be ready for school by making sure your home life, work schedule, and school commitments are as balanced as possible. It's not always easy. Life is complicated, but that's what makes it so interesting!

We can help you organize your life, find child care if you've still got little ones around, and make time for school in your already busy life. It can seem impossible, but it's amazing what we can accomplish when we really want something. If you've signed up for school as an adult, you want to learn.

2. Prime Your Study Skills

Dimitri Vervitsiotis - Getty Images
Dimitri Vervitsiotis - Getty Images

If it's been a long time since you've studied, prime your study skills. Start with creating a study space, a place all your own where you can spread out, listen to music or have total silence, and be undisturbed for as long as you need to be an ace student. However, contrary to popular belief, varying your study space can help you remember. Be sure to check out the second bullet point!

3. Psyche Up

Dougal Waters - Getty Images
Dougal Waters - Getty Images

Get yourself in the right frame of mind before school starts. Psyche up! The mind is an incredibly powerful part of our anatomy. Most of us don't realize what our minds are capable of creating. Help your mind be ready for learning. It's really pretty simple. All it takes is a little training and your mind will be your greatest asset in the classroom.

Here are a few tools to get you started:

4. Plan to Participate in the Classroom

Jack Hollingsworth - Getty Images
Jack Hollingsworth - Getty Images

Just like anything else in life, you will get out of class what you put in. Be ready to participate in the classroom. School will be so much easier. I promise. Spruce up your listening skills. Learn how to ask the right questions! Did you know that asking the right questions is much more important than knowing the right answers? It's true.

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