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3 Textbook Price Comparison Sites

Let the Internet Help You Find the Cheapest Textbooks


Would you like help saving money on your college textbooks? Who wouldn't? We found three websites that help you save money by comparing prices for the exact books your school requires. Type in your school, select your topic and class, and these sites will tell you where you can buy your books for the best price. Or rent them. Or swap them. Cool.

1. SwoopThat.com


SwoopThat.com is a new textbook price comparison site where you type in your school, topic, and class, and SwoopThat will tell you where you can find the best prices on the required textbooks.

That's pretty cool. The service claims it can save students up to 75% on books, and do it in 10 minutes.

2. TextbookFind.com


At TextbookFind.com, you can find the best place to buy college textbooks by searching for your school and class, or by entering a book's ISBN, its number at the Library of Congress.

3. Book.ly


Bookly states its users have saved $5,456,184 as of August 2011 on textbooks for college. That's a lot! Search by school or book; buy or sell. The company also offers coupons, in vogue again thanks to Groupon.

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