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5 Crucial Skills for the Teacher of Adults

Are you ready to teach your class full of adults?


Are you ready to teach the adults in your class? If you have doubts, you're not alone, and we're here to help. We've got 5 crucial skills you should continue to develop throughout your career, and we're continuing to develop along with you.

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1. Understand Andragogy

Understanding Andragogy - Stockbyte - Getty Images
Stockbyte - Getty Images

What is andragogy? Very simply, it's the teaching of adults. It's important for you, as a teacher, to understand the difference between teaching children and teaching adults, and there are differences.

Here's our list of articles to help you understand adragogy:

3. Manage Your Classroom

Teacher of Adults by Stockbyte - Getty Images
Stockbyte - Getty Images

Disruptions can happen in any classroom. Be prepared when they happen in yours. Adult students can be opinionated. How will you deal with the ones who step out of bounds?

4. Inspire Your Students

Inspired Students
Ableimages / Getty Images

It's your job to inspire your students to learn. We all know that's easier said than done with some students. We'll try to help:

5. Continue to Improve

Networking by Stewart Cohen - Getty Images
Stewart Cohen - Getty Images

Every teacher I know is automatically wired to improve continuously. I'm sure you're no different, so these are things you likely already know. But we all need reminders on occasion, and every once in a while, we miss something obvious:

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