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Begin With the End in Mind

Think Graduation, Stay Positive


Begin with the End in Mind by Stockbyte - Getty Images

Begin with the End in Mind by Stockbyte - Getty Images

Stockbyte - Getty Images
Begin with the end in mind is one of Stephen Covey's seven habits of highly effective people. For non-traditional students, starting the year with graduation in mind can be a good way to get over the jitters of going back to school.

Every time you feel like you might not fit in, that you're too old or too fat or too out-of-fashion, think about graduation.

Worried about that first essay? Think about graduation and what it will mean.

Sure everyone in the class is younger and sharper than you? Do you think it'll be difficult to make friends? Think about graduation and the better job you'll be able to land.

Embarrass yourself on the first day? Think about graduation. Think about how good you're going to feel with that diploma in your hand. Nobody will be thinking you're a fool on that day.

We all hit snags on occasion, whatever we've chosen to pursue. Keeping your mind on the end will help you stay focused on your goal, on the reason you're sitting in class in the first place.

Begin with the end in mind. Think about graduation and you'll be like a laser on your way there.

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