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What Is a Non-Traditional Student - Definition of Non-Traditional Student


Student by Martial Colomb - Getty Images

Non-Traditional Student

Martial Colomb - Getty Images
Definition: Non-traditional students are in the news. Why? And who are they?

Non-traditional students are students 25 and older who return to school for any reason--a GED, degree, professional certification, even lifelong learning.

These are not your 18-year-old high-school graduates heading off to college.

We're talking about adults who decide to go back to school after the traditional college age of 18-24.

Also Known As: adult student, adult learner, lifelong learner, older student, old geezer (just kidding)
Alternate Spellings: non traditional student, nontraditional student
Baby boomers, people 46-64, are flocking back to school to finish degrees or earn new ones. These non-traditional students now have the life experience and financial stability to make college more meaningful.

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