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Continuing Education: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
10 Favorite Ice Breaker Games for Adults in the...
Ice breakers are the best way to help your students get to know each other, to break the ice on the awkward first day of school. If your students are adults, it's even more important to choose an ice breaker that won't backfire on you. Printable instructions.
10 Ways to Start Lesson Plans with a Bang
Begin lesson plans with a five-minute warm up or ice breaker and help your students focus more quickly on a new topic, open up creative thinking, and apply learning in new ways.
People Bingo - The Favorite Ice Breaker Party...
Play People Bingo in the classroom to make introductions more fun or to energize your students. It's great fun at gatherings of all kinds. We'll show you how to make game cards and get you started with ideas.
25 Lies for Playing 2 Truths and a Lie
Two Truths and a Lie is a favorite classroom ice breaker to use for introductions or to energize your adult students. We've got a list of truths and lies to get you started.
5 Principles for the Teacher of Adults
The teacher of adults has a different job from the one who teaches children. If you're teaching adult students, it's important to understand the five principles of teaching adults. It's important to know how adults learn.
8 Questions to Ask Before Going Back to School
Should you go back to school? We've got 8 questions to ask yourself.
5 Games to Play in the Classroom to Review for...
When it's time to review material for an upcoming test, lighten up your classroom with a game that helps students study and remember. We've got five group games that work great for test review.
Your State's GED/High School Equivalency Program
In the US, state GED/high school equivalency requirements vary. It can be difficult to locate the info you need on state websites. We have links.
People Bingo Game Instructions, Cards, Ideas
We put all our People Bingo resources into one fun collection for you--rules, how to make your own cards, lots of idea lists. This ice breaker game is perfect for adults in the classroom, at seminars, and at any other gathering of adults.
10 Active Ice Breakers That Will Get Your...
Need to get your students on their feet and moving? Try these top 10 active ice breakers when you need to wake up your class.
Marooned - A Favorite Ice Breaker Party Game...
In a classroom, seminar, or workshop, this ice breaker is a good adult game to play when the people gathered are strangers, and it fosters team building in groups that already work together. I have always found the choices people make to be very revealing about who they are. Printable instructions.
How to Write an Essay in 5 Steps
You can write an essay in 5 steps, and we'll show you how.
100 Ideas for Your People Bingo Cards
People Bingo, or Human Bingo, is one of the most popular ice breaker games for adults in the classroom and at parties. Get ideas for your own game cards. See our entire collection!
Screen Font Too Small - How to Change Text Size
Learn how to change text size on your computer screen and save your eyes. I get mail every week from people thanking me for this simple way to change the size of font on your computer screen.
10 Ways You Can Study for Your GED or High...
Do you want to study for your GED/High School Equivalency at home? You can. For many, earning a certificate is a private endeavor. If you don't want to attend public adult education classes, you have options.
10 Steps for Resolving Conflicts with Friends,...
Conflict resolution in the corporate world can mean the difference between good business and no business. Teach your managers, supervisors, and employees how to manage conflicts in the office and watch morale, and business, improve. Teachers, these techniques work in the classroom, too.
What Is Adult Education? The Wide Range of...
What is adult education? So many adults are returning to the classroom that the term adult education has become somewhat confusing.
Where to Get GED Records for Yourself or...
Where do you get GED records? Every state in the U.S. has official GED records of everyone who earned a GED in that state. Learn where to get a copy of your own GED records or to verify the GED records of a job applicant.
10 Super-Fun Activities for Your First Day of...
Engage the adults in your classroom on the first day of school by choosing one of these 10 fun introductions for the classroom. Students who are engaged faster, learn faster. Printable instructions.
Do You Make These 5 Common Grammar Mistakes?
I often hear five English grammar mistakes from people who grew up speaking English. It's a difficult language to master. In many rural areas, English grammar becomes relaxed and just plain wrong. How's your grammar? Here are five quick English grammar tips.
You've Heard of 8-Minute Dating. Try 2-Minute...
You've heard of 8-minute dating, where 100 people meet for an evening full of 8-minute dates. We modified the idea for the classroom. Get your students up and mixing. This is a great energizer.
CEU - What Are Continuing Education Units?
What does CEU mean? Find out what CEU is and why it's so important to all of us.
What Is GED?
What is GED? Learn about what GED is, how to get started, and where to find testing info.
10 Ways to Be a Great Student
You've decided to go back to school. Dare to be the best student you can possibly be. Here are 10 ways to be a great student.
How to Write a Personal Essay
Know what your teacher is looking for when your assignment is writing a personal essay.
10 Writing Ideas Concerning Health
How do you choose a health topic for a research paper when there are so many options? We've got 10 great ideas to get you started.
5 Principles of Teaching Adults
Adults learn differently than children. If you're teaching adult students, it's important to understand the five principles of teaching adults. It's important to know how adults learn. Page 2.
10 Ways to Read Faster
Here are 10 easy ways to read faster when you study. Even if you use only a few of these ideas, you'll be reading faster and studying more effectively.
How to Create Lesson Plans for Adults
Lesson plans for continuing education don't have to be difficult. Follow these instructions for easy, effective course design for teaching adults, and see how effective you can be. Training design can be easy.
5 Tips for Going Back to School as an Adult
Whether it's finding the money and study time or worrying about tests, going back to school can be stressful for adult students. We've got tips for making life easier.
2 Truths and a Lie - Have More Fun with...
Two Truths and a Lie is a fun and humorous ice breaker for introductions in the classroom, at a meeting, anywhere.
10 Party Games to Energize Your Classroom
Is a party game appropriate in the classroom? If it isn't raunchy and you use it as an energizer, it can be. The trick is to choose an ice breaker that won't drive your adult students out of the room, but will energize them. Printable instructions.
What Is the Definition of GED? What Does GED...
Most people know that GED has something to do with a high school diploma, but what does the acronym stand for? Look it up in the glossary!
How To Write SMAART Goals and Objectives
Writing down your goals and objectives is often the most important first step you can take when learning something new. Writing SMAART goals and objectives is even more important.
Expectations are powerful, especially when you're teaching adults. Understanding your students' expectations of the course you're teaching is key to your success. Make sure you know what your students expect with this expectations ice breaker game for adults.
How to Make Your Own People Bingo Cards
Make your own people bingo cards with these easy instructions.
The Power of Story - A Game for Adult Students
Adults bring to your class or meeting room an abundance of life experience and wisdom. Tapping into their stories can deepen the significance of whatever you have gathered to discuss. Let the power of story enhance your teaching of adults.
Ideas for People Bingo Cards
Need more ideas for your People Bingo cards? You'll find lots of them in our People Bingo Idea List No. 2! See our entire People Bingo collection.
Does the Job You Want Require a Professional...
Professional certification is a process in which a person proves that he or she has the knowledge, experience, and skills to perform a specific job. The proof comes in the form of a certificate earned by passing an exam that is accredited by an organization or association that monitors and upholds prescribed standards for the particular industry involved.
The New Computer-Based GED Test
The GED test will be computer-based in 2014! That's a major change. What does it mean to you? We've got the scoop.
The Archetypes of the Hero's Journey
Carl Jung called archetypes the ancient patterns of personality that are the shared heritage of the human race. An understanding of these forces is one of the most powerful elements in the storyteller’s toolbox.
What's on the 2014 GED Test? Updated!
Know what's on the new computer-based 2014 GED test from GED Testing Service.
Manage Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom
Teaching adults can be challenging if you've got a student who is consistently disruptive. Learn some effective classroom management techniques.
How to Change Your Screen Font
Change the size or look of your screen font with these easy instructions.
25 Celebrity Dropouts Who Earned a GED, List...
If you think earning a GED makes you a loser, take a look at our list of celebrity dropouts who earned a GED. You, too, can be successful with a GED.
8 Ways to Be Successful at School
In their book, "The Secrets of College Success," Lynn F. Jacobs and Jeremy S. Hyman share tips on how
Would You Rather - Ice Breaker Party Game for...
Would you rather find true love or win the lottery? Would you rather be bald or completely hairy? This party game is perfect for adults in the classroom, workshop, or seminar. Printable instructions, and ideas to get you started.
Classroom Ice Breaker Game for Adults - Where...
The more technology brings us together, the smaller the world becomes. Where in the world are you from? Or, where in the world is your favorite place?
Ice Breaker - Photo Scavenger Hunt
A picture is worth a thousand words. Almost everyone has a photo or two in their wallet or on their phone, especially when you’ve got a room full of adults, or even better, baby boomers with grandchildren. The photo scavenger hunt is on!
If You Had a Magic Wand
If you had a magic wand, what would you change? This is an ice breaker game for adults that opens minds, considers possibilities, and energizes your group when discussion is dead.
10 Ideas for Writing Papers About Women
Need a topic concerning women for your essay or research paper? We've got 10 good ones to get your creative juices flowing.
You Are What You Think
Do you know the secret power of the mind? Do you know how to create the life you want? It's really not a secret. The power is available to every single person, including you. Find out how to get what you want.
What Should You Go Back to School For?
You want to go back to school, but what should you learn? If you're going back to school to get a job, or a better job, go back in one of these high-growth job industries.
Would You Rather... Ice Breaker Game for Adults...
Need ideas for playing Would You Rather...? We have lists of them! This is a great classroom game for energizing students or inspiring conversation. Come on over!
Texas GED Info
The information you need to pursue your GED credential in Texas.
50 Fun Ideas for Your People Bingo Cards
We have a new list of ideas for the People Bingo cards you make yourself. It's sometimes called Human Bingo, and it's the most popular ice breaker game for adults in the classroom or at a party. See our entire collection!
25 More Ideas for Your People Bingo Cards -...
People Bingo, or Human Bingo, is one of the most popular ice breaker games for adults in the classroom and girls' nights out. Get ideas for your own game cards. See our entire collection.
3 Times to Use Uppercase, or Capital, Letters
Do you know when to capitalize letters? Capitalizing the wrong words can give people the wrong impression of your writing ability. There are only three times when you use uppercase letters.
Online GED and High School – Can You...
How do you know which online GED and high school diploma websites are trustworthy? The most important thing to remember is that there is no GED online test. There are reputable sites to help you study and practice. High school diplomas online are another matter. Don't get scammed.
25 More Ideas for Your People Bingo Cards
People Bingo is the most popular classroom ice breaker game for adults. Modify it for your next girls' night out with this easy-to-make game card.
The Pros and Cons of MOOCS
What are the pros and cons of MOOCS? We culled pros and cons of massive open online courses from Nathan Heller's article for The New Yorker, Laptop U.
Which Degree Is Right for You?
There are many different types of degrees out there. Which one is right for you? It depends on what you want to do with your education.
The 2014 GED Mathematical Reasoning Test
What's on the new 2014 GED mathematical reasoning test? Find out what kind of questions to expect and how much time you'll have.
Free Online GED Testing
Where can you find free online GED testing? Get the straight scoop.
CNA Training in New York for Nurse Aide Jobs -...
Certified nurse assistants help registered nurses manage a variety of medical tasks related to patient care. This entry-level health career requires 130 to 160 hours of training and can be completed without a GED. With steady, strong job growth predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics through 2018, finding free CNA training or low-cost nurse aide classes at schools like Finger Lakes Community College makes sense for workers looking for job stability.
6 Speed Reading Techniques from Wechsler
Learn six speed-reading techniques from the former business partner of the famous Evelyn Wood, founder of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics. H. Bernard Wechsler, Director of Education at speedlearning.org, shares six of the techniques successful speed readers use.
Table Topics - A Smart Party Game for Adult...
Table Topics make a wonderful classroom game for adults. Use them any time you want to stimulate creative thinking and meaningful conversation. We'll show you how.
The GED Test - Reasoning Through Language Arts...
Be ready for the GED reading test. Find out what you need to know, what kind of questions to expect, how much time you'll have, and where you can find learning resources.
Ice Breaker - Beach Ball Buzz
Have a little beach fun without leaving your classroom. Beach Ball Buzz can be as fun as you choose depending on the questions you write on the ball. Make them related to your topic or completely frivolous and fun.
GED Overview
This is your GED/High School Equivalency overview, with info about prep, online resources, courses, practice, and the big test - everything you need to know.
The 2014 GED Social Studies Test
What's on the 2014 GED social studies test? Find out what you need to know and how much time you'll have to take the test.
13 Articles That Will Improve Your Writing
Adult students often worry about their writing skills. You'll find help with writing here, whether you're a student or not.
California GED Info
The information you need to pursue your GED credential in the state of California.
Ice Breaker - The Name Game
You may have people in your group who hate the name game so much they’ll still remember everyone’s name two years from now! Ha! You can make it harder by requiring everyone to add an adjective to their name that starts with the same letter (e.g. Cranky Carla, Blue-eyed Bob, Zesty Zelda). You get the gist.
Speech - Give a Speech People Remember
What makes a speech a great speech, one people remember, especially your teacher? The key is in your message, not your presentation. Use the six sticky principles taught by Chip Heath and Dan Heath in their book Made to Stick, and give a speech you'll get an A on.
Inspirational Quotations for Adult Students,...
It can be especially difficult for adult students to stay motivated when they're balancing school, work, and life. Offer an inspirational quotation to keep them going.
25 More Lies for Playing 2 Truths and Lie
We've added another list of lies to get you started playing Two Truths and a Lie. It's a favorite in the classroom for teachers of adults.
Teacher Quotes - Quotations for the Teacher of...
Do you teach adults? Be inspired by quotations about the importance of teaching. Inspired teachers change lives.
How To Write a Learning Contract
A learning contract is a document to compare current abilities with desired abilities, and determine the best strategy for bridging the gap.
5 Crucial Skills for the Teacher of Adults
Are you ready to teach your adult education class? We've got 5 crucial skills to help you, and lots of supporting information.
12 Steps Toward Your College Degree
If you continue to wish you had your college degree, stop wishing. It's not too late, no matter how old you are. You don't have to do it on your own. All kinds of help is available for the asking.
Home Health Aide Training in New York - Finger...
Students looking for home health aide training in New York to enter the medical field can enroll in Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, New York. The FLCC HHA certification program provides all the preparation needed for the HHA exam, while home health aide training gives graduates access to caregiver jobs in a growing field.
If You Had Taken a Different Path
If you could have taken a different path in life, what would you have chosen to do, knowing what you know today? Find out if your students are in your classroom to change their lives. It happens.
6 Tips for Improving Your Writing
Writing can make non-traditional students a little nervous. If you're going back to school after decades, we've got 6 tips for improving your writing skills.
7 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills
Does speaking in class freak you out? We can help you improve your public speaking skills.
5 Reasons to Use Ice Breakers in the Classroom
Ice breakers and party games for adults can be a teacher's best friend. Why? We'll give you five good reasons.
fafsa.gov (free) vs. fafsa.com (service)
Applying for a FAFSA loan at fafsa.gov, the U.S. Department of Education's website, is free. It's also complicated. Should you pay someone to help you?
The 2014 GED Science Test
What's on the new 2014 GED science test? Find out what you need to know and how much time you'll have.
What Is the Definition of Andragogy? What Does...
Definition? Meaning? Pronunciation? No doubt you've got questions. It's a weird word. Look it up in the glossary!
8 Ways to Make Your Conference More Successful
Nobody wants to attend a boring conference. Make your next conference memorable by following these eight suggestions from Thom Singer, the Conference Catalyst.
GED Books
If you’re the type of person who does well with self-study, there are many resources available to help you prepare for the GED exam on your own. Classes, online or on campus, are great, but they’re not for everyone. Here’s a list of GED books available at most book stores, or online. Many of these study guides are also available in Spanish.
10 Facts About Financial Aid for Non-Traditiona...
Do you know these 10 facts about financial aid for non-traditional students? Money for college is available for everyone.
Writing a Research Paper
Your assignment is to write a research paper. How? I'll walk you through the process in 10 steps. Writing research papers just got easier. Ready? Let's get started.
10 Ways to Improve Your Writing
Writing is one of the first things people worry about when going back to school. If your writing worries you, we've got 10 ways to help you improve it.
3 Ways to Improve Memory While Studying
Contrary to popular belief, research proves that studying several subjects in one sitting, studying those subjects in different settings, and frequent testing helps students improve memory.
Ice Breaker - Kinetic - Brainstorm Race
A brainstorm race is a great way to review topics you've already covered, and have some energizing fun in the process. Teams race to brainstorm and list as many items as they can in a certain amount of time---without speaking!
The Top Schools of Nursing from U.S. News &...
Nursing is one of the most popular fields of study for non-traditional students returning to school. We present the top schools of nursing from U.S. News & World Report's 2013 edition of Best Grad Schools.
10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Adult Students
Need affordable gift ideas for the adult student in your life? Don't have a lot to spend? You've come to the right place. We've got ten affordable gift ideas for students.
Alabama GED Info
The information you need to pursue your GED credential in the state of Alabama.
10 Ways to Discover the Credentials You Need...
What credentials do you need for the dream jobs out there? Here are ten ways to discover the credentials you need for the jobs you want, even if you’ve already had a career and are finally admitting that it wasn’t the best choice for you. There’s time to make a change.
Accredited - Is Your School or Program...
Be sure your school or program is accredited or your diploma could be meaningless. There are bogus accreditation agencies out there, and bogus schools all too willing to slap a fake logo on their website and take your money.
The Hero's Journey - Introduction
Do you know the elements that make stories successful? Satisfying? They're the elements of the hero's journey. What are they? We'll show you. Understand the hero's journey and get a better English grade.
5 Ways to Improve Adult Literacy
Adult literacy is a global problem. One in five adults cannot read. Here are 5 ways you can help improve adult literacy.
The Hero's Journey - The Resurrection and...
The resurrection in the hero's journey is the climax of the story, the last dangerous meeting with death. The hero must be cleansed from the journey before returning to the Ordinary World. Upon his return with the elixir, life is different, truly changed.
The Hero's Journey - The Ordinary World
The hero's journey begins with the hero in the ordinary world, going about ordinary life, except that something isn't quite right. What he does in the first scenes demonstrates a flaw of some kind, a lacking to be overcome.
Three Words - An Ice Breaker Game for Adults
If you had to describe yourself in three words, which three would you choose? Learn more about the people in your classroom.
The Hero's Journey - The Call to Adventure and...
In the second part of the hero's journey, the hero is presented with a problem or challenge. For readers to be involved, they need to know the stakes.
Reach Your Goal with a Personal Development Plan
A goal like being a better employee or getting a raise is easier to reach when you have a personal development plan.
A Few of My Favorite Things
You know the song. These are a few of my favorite things... Use this ice breaker just for fun, or customize it to your topic.
Ice Breaker - Snowball Fight
A snowball fight in the classroom is pure fun, and it's also a great way to introduce students or review a topic. Using paper from your recycle bin makes it even better.
Gift Ideas for Adult Students
Do you have an adult student on your gift list? We have lots of ideas for you, from expensive to stocking stuffers, including last-minute homemade ideas.
What's Your Learning Style?
What's your learning style? Find out with our collection of learning styles inventories.
Be Creative - A Game for Adult Learners
Creative students excel. Play a game in the classroom that helps your students be creative. Based on Al Beck's Imaginative Symbol-Association, or I S-A (eye-say).
Florida GED Info
The information you need to pursue your GED credential in the state of Florida.
Learning Styles in the Workplace
Learning styles are as important in the workplace as they are in the classroom. Find out why.
10 Places to Research Papers
Don't rely on the Internet alone when researching your papers. We put together a list of 10 places you'll find information that will make your paper stand out.
Learning Styles Inventory - Your Peak Learning...
What time of day do you learn best? Take Ron Gross's learning styles inventory to discover your peak learning time.
What Is Adult Learning?
How is adult learning different from traditional learning? Knowing the principles of adult learning can make going back to school easier, whether you're going back for your GED, degree, continuing education, or personal development.
How to Be a Good Listener
Listening is a study skill most of us take for granted. Test your listening skills and then start practicing active listening in the classroom. It's where your studying begins.
The Hero's Journey - Crossing the Threshold and...
The hero, armed with the mentor’s gifts, agrees to face the journey. This is the turning point between Act One and Act Two, the crossing from the Ordinary World into the Special World. The hero is wholeheartedly committed and there is no turning back.
What is the difference between asynchronous and...
What is asynchronous learning? What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous learning?
Georgia GED Info
The information you need to pursue your GED credential in the state of Georgia.
New York High School Equivalency Info (formerly...
The information you need to pursue your high school equivalency diploma in New York.
What Is a Non-Traditional Student - Definition...
What is a non-traditional student? They're increasingly in the news. Find out what makes a student non-traditional.
Today I Learned...About Rose-Colored Glasses
We all know that to see something through rose-colored glasses is to see things as better than they are, but have you ever looked through actual rose-colored glasses? What is the origin of this idiom?
The Importance of Meaningful Conversation
Meaningful conversation is one of the most important aspects of learning, especially for adults. Sadly, it doesn't happen very often anymore. Whether you're the teacher or the ageless learner, following Ron Gross's suggestions for stimulating meaningful conversation will enliven your classroom and your dinner table.
Ice Breaker - Kinetic - Scarf Juggling
Scarf juggling will get your class up, moving, and laughing. The cross-body movement also stimulates both sides of the brain, so when the exercise is over, your students will be ready to learn.
8 Motivations to Create the Life You Want
It's easy to get stuck in a routine, but is that the life you want? Be inspired to change your life with 8 motivations to create the life you want.
3 Free GED Classes
Are there really free GED classes? There are, but read websites carefully. Many offer free practice tests but charge for classes. Here are three truly free resources. We like free. We especially like free GED classes.
10 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's
lifelong learning continues to amaze me. Here are 10 of Carper's 100 simple things you can do to prevent
The Movie of Your Life
If they made a movie of your life, what kind of movie would it be and who would be cast as you? Are you Bond...James Bond? Or more the Ahnold type? Maybe you’re like Scarlet in Gone With the Wind. Or Cat Woman. Is your life an adventure, drama, romance, or horror flick? Entertain us.
New Jersey High School Equivalency Info...
Information you need to earn your high school equivalency diploma in New Jersey, formerly GED.
The Hero's Journey - Approach to the Inmost Cave
The hero has adjusted to the Special World and goes on to seek its heart, the inmost cave. She passes into an intermediate zone with new threshold guardians and tests. She approaches the place where the object of the quest is hidden and where she will encounter supreme wonder and terror. She must use every lesson learned to survive.
Meditation - How to Meditate
Meditation is one of the great secrets in life. If you're not already someone who meditates, give yourself a gift and learn how. You'll relieve stress, study better, and wonder how you ever got along without it.
Indiana High School Equivalency Information...
Information you need to pursue your high school equivalency diploma in Indiana, formerly GED.
Listening Test
Are you good at listening? Find out with this free, printable listening quiz. Test your perception of your own listening skills.
P.E.O. International Scholarships
P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization) has championed the education of women since it was founded in 1869. It's a finalist for Best Scholarship for Adult Students in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.
10 Search Engines for Students
You can learn almost anything on the Internet, but how do you go about finding it? We've got 10 search engines for students that will help you find what you need.
25 More Celebrity Dropouts Who Earned a GED,...
We've added to our list of celebrity dropouts who earned a GED. If they could do it, so can you. Be inspired by others like yourself who didn't finish high school and went on to be successful.
The Entrance Exam You Need to Get Into School
Once you've decided to go back to school, the next step may be sitting for an entrance exam. Do you know which one you need? Where to go to take it?
The GED Writing Test - No longer used
The GED Writing Test has been replaced by the new 2014 GED Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) Test.
Fake Certificates
Should you buy a diploma? A fake certificate? Fake CEUs? You can. You can buy fake diplomas, fake professional certificates, fake CEUs, but should you?
Fake GEDs
Should you buy a diploma? A fake GED? You can. You can buy fake diplomas, fake GEDs, fake degrees, but should you?
Male Nurse Joe Julian Completes Online RN to...
After two decades as a registered nurse, Joe Julian went back to college in the online degree completion program at Pennsylvania State University. The Penn State online RN to BSN nursing degree provided flexibility and academic challenge, giving Julian the theory he needed to complement his years of practice as a nurse.
The Hero's Journey - The Reward and the Road Back
Once the hero reaches the inmost cave, confronts the shadow and nearly dies, he or she seizes the sought-after prize, the reward, and starts on the road back home. But the journey home will not be easy.
Free Online GED Practice Tests
Practice tests are one of the very best ways to prepare for the real thing. We list 10 places to find free GED practice tests.
Louisiana High School Equivalency Info...
Info for earning your high school equivalency diploma in Louisiana, formerly GED.
Ohio GED Info
The information you need to pursue your GED credential in Ohio.
The Hero's Journey - Meeting with the Mentor
When you see a wise old man or woman in a story, think mentor. The mentor represents the bond between parent and child, teacher and student, doctor and patient, god and man. The function of meeting with the mentor is to prepare the hero to face the unknown, to accept the adventure.
10 Study Skills for Non-Traditional Students
Ten study skills for the adult returning to school. Make it easier to balance school, life, work by incorporating these 10 study skills.

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