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Northern Kentucky University Educational Outreach Department

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By Katie Ritter

Northern Kentucky University Educational Outreach Department

Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University Educational Outreach Department

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Name of School/Continuing Education Department

Northern Kentucky University

Educational Outreach Department

School location, website, contact information

NKU is located in Highland Heights, KY.

Adult & Non-traditional Learning:


Continuing Education and Professional Development (PD):


For more information contact Katie Ritter at ritterk1@nku.edu

What kind of financial aid do you offer?

Students are able to apply for financial aid/ scholarships through NKU for degrees. Our continuing education/PD courses are so affordable we do not offer financial aid. Many times an employer will cover the cost of training, so it is not left to the individual to pay.

Tell us about the availability of advisors.

Every college has dedicated advisors for online degree students.

PACE has dedicated 3 people as advisors.

Advisors are not needed for PD courses/trainings. We have full and part-time staff committed to growing and improving the courses offered and the satisfaction of the students.

What is your school best known for?

NKU is best known for receiving a "private school education at a public school cost." Class sizes are small, professors know their students' names, and best of all, the high quality education is affordable.

We not only offer PD opportunities, but we also have numerous online degrees and an accelerated program for adult-centered education, PACE.

Share an alumni success story.

A success story from a Continuing Education student:

"[The instructor] is an outstanding coach and presented the the entire course in a manner that kept me engaged during all classes. Immediately after the first class I really looked forward to being a part of the team and looked forward to attending the class. Now that we have "graduated" I'll miss being there."

A success story from a PACE student:

"Being a non-traditional student I was nervous about continuing my education because it would take quite a while to complete my degree while working full time.

Then I discovered the PACE Program at NKU. PACE allows me to take a full-time course load in one semester while attending class only two nights a week; so I can complete the degree in a timely manner. PACE also offers online courses to allow even more flexibility with my schedule. I received my associate's degree through PACE in 2007 and should receive my bachelor's degree in just another year.

PACE gives the flexibility and support a returning non-traditional student needs!"

A success story from an online student:

"As a husband, father, and full-time employee, I thought I was too old and probably too busy to finish my education. At age 48, and after much thought, I decided to (earn my degree). The online program allowed me to conserve gasoline, work around my schedule and complete my degree faster. I actually had more discussion group time with my team members than if I had been in a regular classroom setting. Online classes made it possible for me to reach my goal and allowed the creativity of non-conventional learning for the non-traditional student."


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