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Readers Respond: Which Part of the GED Test Is the Hardest/Easiest?

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I took my first GED test 5/19/2012 I passed everything but math even though my total score was above average high score I got 380 in math. I was so disappointed b/c I was confident that I would pass. But I took the math test over on 10/17/2013 and I feel like I did so much better but I'm scared of my results. I really don't Want to fail and take the new GED test in 2014. I can only pray for now And have faith. My results should be here soon!! OMG!
—Guest Diamond


I am taking the Ged in Dec, and like a lot of posts on here I too am worried about my math, but I am going to study and have faith.
—Guest Nikki

Math sux

Hi everyone I just took the GED in April this year and passed everything except math! Ugh my nerves . I will take it in dec for the 4 time .. Just keep motivated to study and don't lwt your mins get in the way ! I tell myself this . I struggled with math a lot but I'm not letting this get in my way . I can do this and so can you :)
—Guest Colleen

Ged Test Takers

Hello out there!!I totally understand your comments.I have passed everything but math RATS!!!390 the first, my nerves the second at 360 and third 400.Now I have to pay to take the computer base b4 it all ends.Not very good on it. Just have to keep the faith.We can do it. will pray for u all.
—Guest Ray Ray

Essay and math

I just found out by a fluke I had not gotten my diploma and wasn't going to wait for the new ged to come out to get it all resolved and go back to school. I studied very little, only taking two pretests in science, writing and math. There is a contemporary ged test by Tom hawks or something that is very similar to the ged. I didn't cram studying for the subjects I tested for. I did the practice tests for the science but did the reading. Next time did the practice for writing but did social studies, etc. start with your easiest subject first for a confidence boost and don't stress on the math too hard, it only makes the test feel impossible and you are just setting yourself up to fail if you do. I took all tests in a week and a half and passed all the first round. 500 on math 540 on writing 580 on science 620 on reading and 660 in social studies. I last went to school twenty years ago. Don't let your head be your worst enemy. Listen to some music relax and go conquer that test. Good luc
—Guest Fawn

the eassy

i have to take the G.E.D on Dec 5 my frist time taking it.the hardest part me is the eassy,im not good at writing never ways good ...but the only thing i can do is hope for the best
—Guest Daniel


I have taken GED math 4 times passes with a 440 never give up I passed everything but my average is still not high enough I take it for the last time in a couple weeks Praying! I need 12points to pass!
—Guest kpeek


I take my ged in 2 weeks. Im 21, I am very nervous i been in a prep class for about 7 months now and im pretty good on my math but i find social studies to be very boring, i just haveto trick my brain to act like i find it interesting. Plz guys prey for me because i do not want to take the new ged in 2014. I want more people to write on here and give me there opinion
—Guest ricky


—Guest Angela smith

Excited but Nervous

I took the official practice tests for all of the subjects and I'm excited to say that I'm able to take the official GED test next week! These are my scores for the practice tests: Science - 490, Social Studies - 550, Writing I & II - 650, Reading - 450, and Math - 440. My teacher says I'm ready! Even though I feel like I can improve a little better on Math and Reading. I got the weekend to study a little bit more. I was pretty shocked when I found out what my scores were. I'm truly feeling confident about myself now than before. 2014 is right around the corner. Get it done! Just study, study, study! It will pay off, big time. :D Good luck everyone!
—Guest Kimly

I'm disappointed in me!

Left school on 2003 because of personal problems took GED in 2004 pass 3 test ,except science and MATH due to life now I took science and math pass science but math got 360 like the first one, the other one 390 and this one 370. I'm taking my 6 test on Dec4. I always been horrible at math now got a tutor but is so embarrassing and ashame! But can give up this is my last try!
—Guest Andy


I been in class for my GED for about a year and 3 months. All my skillz increased. Taking my Math was most dissapointing. But it aint over yet . I have to retake 2 exams, Math and Science to boost my current 1770 total with two scores of 410 or more. KEEP FIGHTING. GET KNOCKED DOWN. GET UP AND FINISH !!!
—Guest Derek H.

dropped out of high school in 1972

I dropped out of high school in the 10th grade, was not good at math but done good in other subjects...I finally went back to try to get my ged. at age 57 years old...I have passed my writing with 510 score, social studies 470 score science 450 score, reading 540 score...failed math test twice with score of 320 both times...got to take again...so hard for me to understand..
—Guest marian miller


I dropped out of highschool my 12th grade year. I went back to school to get my GED and I swear to you it is not hard at all . my scores was 430 on math, 450 on reading, 480 on social studies and science and 500 on writing . its not hard got get b4 2014 comes its going to be a lot harder.
—Guest nicole

Ged test

I took three test last month 10/14/13 and i passed them with a decent score. I took my math test and writing yesterday. I have to wait five days for the results of my essay. But i'm pretty sure i passed it. I failed math it was my first time taking it. I've never been good at it. And i studied out of two books for months. So it was disappointing not passing. I'm going to redo the math test sometime next month. I don't have much time though with the new test coming out in January.
—Guest Danelle

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Which Part of the GED Test Is the Hardest/Easiest?

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