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Readers Respond: Which Part of the GED Test Is the Hardest/Easiest?

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GED Testing

I have taken my Language Arts - Writing/Reading and Social Studies. Still waiting on my scores for S.C. I pray the math will not be as difficult as I think. Study and prayer is key! God is good!
—Guest ELo


i took the test i did okay i failed the math and the writing though other then that i did pretty good math was def my hardest and the reading was def the easiest the social studies was full of maps and stuff and the science was full of graps and qs
—Guest amandabanana91

math is dreafull

i like math and i really get along with but i dont know whats going on in the test i cannot consentrate or solve any question correctly and i'm really disappointed right now i dont now what do i do really like math but its the test time problem :/ :(
—Guest suny

A lil sad

I took my GED oct 11 I passed everything except math I got a 400 all of my other scores were high I got a 2410 all together kinda upset at myself but I knew I wasn't going to pass math ugh I guess next time I'll pray and study
—Guest Paulina

Math is the hardest

I'm still studying for my GED but with what I learned I can tell the math is the hardest. Wish you all who are taking it now luck. I take it in 2 months.
—Guest jasson

social studies ugh

I'm only worried about the social studies for one its boring so hopefully I pass I take mine November 7th wish me luck...
—Guest judy

Passed everything but Math

I passed every subject and had a passing score except for the math. I didnt have a 410. I scored a 390 which meant I only missed 2 questions in order to pass. Going to retake the math again and hope I do well and pass this one. Wish me luck and I know God is on my side! Good luck to all taking it.
—Guest awesome one


I have taken three of the test on the GED,found reading ,social studies and science pretty easy. Now I am stuck with math and writing.Will take the writing test next month saving the vmath for last . Wish all of you goog luck who are taking the test. I have been out of school over thirty years you arenever to old to learn.
—Guest sharon

Math is the WORST!!!

I passed everything except math which I took twice! 570 writing skills, 600 literature arts, 460 sience, 490 social studies, & a miesely 370 on math (2nd time) I wish u all luck!
—Guest Quellz

Only Need 10 More Points To Pass!!!

I pass all 5 test , but over all i scored 2240. I just need 10 more points to pass my ged. So im retaking the reading test. Hopefully i do good on the test.
—Guest ashley

in getting ready to take my ged

can sum one tell me whats all on this ged test im getting ready to take mines on the 30th in how many ? are on the test

Language Arts, and Writing

The writing was the hardest part for me. I got a 440 you need a 450.....
—Guest Syoung

Just took my GED

I just took my ged feel confident about all parts is except math but I pray I did okay
—Guest JaWitherspoon


I'm taking the GED for the next 3 days... I'm only nervous for the math part and the essay part!
—Guest jamie

GED Help

I am testing my GED in a few days and what really helped me was this site called "Khan Academy" you can google it up but it helps ALOT when it comes to needing help on math. I truly suck at the subject math, but with this site I was able to totally understand it (:
—Guest Anna

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Which Part of the GED Test Is the Hardest/Easiest?

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