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Readers Respond: Which Part of the GED Test Is the Hardest/Easiest?

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Which part of the GED test did you find to be the easiest? The hardest? Share your experience with the GED test.

Its quite easy

I just got my scores and it were suprisingly good. I make a sudden decision to take a GED because suddenly my uni required it even though I already got Associate degree. I registered for the GED test like 2 days before the actual tests( I took all 4 in a day). I was pretty nervous because i have no preparation and i skipped high school. But the tests were suprisingly not that hard. The only issue I got is the writing part in the social science section because im an International student and have little to no clues about US history. But i got honor for all the subjects which makes me kinda proud considering i didnt prepare anything. Math is basic math while science, they will provide anything you know on the passage and language is pretty much like reading section of toefl. I guess the hardest is social science then.
—Guest Michelle

RLA & Social studies

thought this two were going to be the hardest for me ended passing both test in my first try. RLA 160 and social studies with 167, i was impressed, these two were not as hard as i thought they were going to be. now i'm trying to knock out Math and Science
—Guest dtex


How easy is the math exam? What is on the test and what to expect?
—Guest Yaya


The hardest part of the GED is the math. also some parts of the science and social studies.
—Guest Sonia

RAL !!!!

English is my second language. And took 4 times of RAL 140,143, 140 and 142 And I still wait my fivth...how I can pass this horrible exam... Lets share information gus!!


Ged reading is the hardest got 390 in reading passed all the exams except writing and reading soon gonna take reading wish me luck :(
—Guest Ged reading

ged test (social studies)

I failed agin my social studies GED test, I don't know what to do, is there anybody can help me. I been study by myself, I really need help.
—Guest Mm

Advice to all

I failed social study once with 147. I retook it two days later. Some of the questions were same from first exam. I immediately remembered the questions. First time I answered wrong, so I tried to answer correctly second time. Do the on line practice test as much as you can. Also try to remember what kind of questions were on the exams if you are retaking it. Jot down and find out the answers after you took test. RLA is very hard. You will run out of time. Do not take too long for each question. If you do not know the answer, I will suggest to just guess. Some of the answers were obviously not correct, so you have to pick smart answer. Math was little tricky, but if you read it carefully, you can pick correct answer. Like I said some of the answers were ridiculously wrong, so narrow it down. Try to pick correct one. All the exams except math were all about comprehensive questions. Try to take on line quiz as much as you can. I do not recommend to take all exams once.
—Guest Ms. Y

i need help with social studies

I am having a tough time social studies exam. I am an international student in USA. two months ago i tried all the ged exam. i passed in all the exams except the social studies. I am working hard on it but still dont know where i m stuck. 1st time i got 147, then 144, and then 146. After that i waited two months then again i tried yesterday and i got 147 again!!!! guys plz advice me ,,, seems like i m a failure right now ....
—Guest nads

GED math

I took a pre test math test everything on the test was algebra could anybody tell me how many question are on the math test and is it all algebraI am in an adult education center and somewhat feel like the teachers are misleading all of us
—Guest tami


Dropped out my sophomore year, no it wasn't because I was troubled or pregnant. High school was just a swamp of parties and drama. I had my fun but I felt I could not study efficiently surrounded by those people. I'm 17 years old, almost 18 and so far the GED test has been pretty easy. I took the math test first, passing with 164. Wasn't as hard as I thought, but definitely took my time. Then took my social studies and passed with 165, didn't expect to do so well. Now I'm studying for science and then after RLA since that should be the hardest. TAKE TIME TO STUDY! I've scheduled about a month in between each of my tests to ensure proper study time. Research as much as you can into what is included in the tests for study material. Not all textbooks give you a direct study guide so researching subjects on your own is key. Good luck to fellow test takers!
—Guest Hopeful teen

which is best

I was wondering sense I've struggle with math should I take math first or take the other 3parts first and just continue to study math.
—Guest talya

lets discution RAL

I fail 5 times RAL section. Very hard. And english is my second language. If anybody share the RAL informations please email me. Danielycheon@gmail.com
—Guest daniel


Hi guy, I would know if it's a logical questionnaire or do you need to memorize concepts, dates and facts (history, geography..) previously? Except for maths and language THANKS
—Guest Ehi

On my way

I just took the math and passed with a 161, my next one is Science and I'm taking it in a few days, my advice is study what you don't remember or what you didn't understand before, then maybe take a practice test to make sure you know what question will be on the GED. Also, some states offer the GED in different languages, most in just English or Spanish, but the still makes you more likely to pass if you can actually understand the content.
—Guest Vivi

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