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Readers Respond: Which Part of the GED Test Is the Hardest/Easiest?

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Which part of the GED test did you find to be the easiest? The hardest? Share your experience with the GED test. Share Your Experience

lets discution RAL

I fail 5 times RAL section. Very hard. And english is my second language. If anybody share the RAL informations please email me. Danielycheon@gmail.com
—Guest daniel


Hi guy, I would know if it's a logical questionnaire or do you need to memorize concepts, dates and facts (history, geography..) previously? Except for maths and language THANKS
—Guest Ehi

On my way

I just took the math and passed with a 161, my next one is Science and I'm taking it in a few days, my advice is study what you don't remember or what you didn't understand before, then maybe take a practice test to make sure you know what question will be on the GED. Also, some states offer the GED in different languages, most in just English or Spanish, but the still makes you more likely to pass if you can actually understand the content.
—Guest Vivi

very hard

Took my test in March 2014, Science and Math are extremely difficult, I failed both with a 148 passing score is 150. Passed all other subjects, but seriously, the math is hard, so study. Planning on retaking in the next week or so. Wish me luck!

Advice to "help"

If your first language is not English, then it might be hard for you, especially RLA, Social study, and Science. Make sure you take a lots of practice test, and understand main point. These 3 subjets are all about reading comprehensive questions. I felt that RLA was very hard for me because I was running out time. However, I believe you can do this! Just study hard and be prepared. If I passed, you can. English is not my first language neither. P.S. There were not much grammer quetions.
—Guest Ms. Y

if you have half a brain...

...and the dumbest thing you did was drop out of school and not get your GED sooner, don't be like me. I waited until I was 33 because I screwed around and thought jobs would just believe I graduated HS because I'm smart. Wrong. I lost my job due to failing a random education check. I studied in July and passed yesterday. I only studied math since it was my weakest subject in school. Got a 165 math, 164 science, 173 RLA, 183 Social studies. Do yourself a favor and don't wait. You can't run away from your past forever.
—Guest jim

Fast food jake

I think it's ridiculous for a mom of three who was kicked out of HS because she was pregnant not to be able to get a job because of some persons idea of what is required to flip hamburgers.
—Guest hamburger flipper

2014 Ged

I took the reading ged section and scored 146/150 I didnt know what to expect sknce it was suppose to be harder. So I gave it a shot and the hardest part was running out of time. The time flew. So my advice read the questions first. They ask you questions based on specific paragraphs. Its not as hard as yiu thing. Understand rhetorical questions and main topics etc. But remember it is timed and it will go by extremely fast. I wish I could have found some tips thats why I am giving mine. Good luck because the reading isnt hard at all :-)
—Guest Never giving up


im planing to take ged in September. i didnt went to high school and my 1st language isnt english.im ok in math but not good in others.all i want to know how is ged 2014?
—Guest sofia

you can pass it also.

After only finishing the 9th grade 30 years ago. I went back to school and got my Ged. It was one of the happiest days of my life . My advise to those people who need help with math is to watch utube videos.
—Guest I did it!!!!!

Aztec Software

At our school we use Aztec Software to study for the GED. It is a huge help and I don't think I could have passed the 2014 GED without using Aztec Software
—Guest Sam Acosta

You can do it

The only person holding u back is u. Take the first step... U can do it
—Guest GED

2014 GED joke

I'm so tired of hearing how hard this test is. I had nothing but F's in high school. Aside from the math, it was a breeze. I didn't study a Damn thing or even step foot in a classroom in over 15 years.. Guess what, I PASSED!!!! sure it's a lot of reading but in the end, it's common sense. You'll do fine. Just remember, your smarter than you think. Quick tip, read the question before reading the passages. Most of the time it tells you what paragraph it's referring to. Good luck.
—Guest Dumb guy passed


I tried the GED four times and came close last time but failed though i score over 410 in each subject. I am working on my high school equivalency exams through SECRETGEDLOOPHOLE COM. It's similar to the ged but cheaper and i can retake my exams over again till I pass for free, plus I can do it online from home. BEST DAYM PART! And the college I want to attend said they'd accept certificate/diplomas from the schools they offer once I have pass.
—Guest Greg


I took all the parts and passed without Language part, barely! English is my second language. I failed 3 times and waitting 2 months...how I can pass this part....:-(
—Guest daniel

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Which Part of the GED Test Is the Hardest/Easiest?

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