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Readers Respond: How does the hero's journey help you in your reading or writing?

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Understanding the hero's journey can help you ace literature class or creative writing class. Whether you're the reader or the writer, the hero's journey is important to master. How do you use the hero's journey in your studies? How does it help you?


I had a dream I need to know what goes into a doctorial dissetation.,so i had to ask somebody. Thank you ,i will be better for having found this page.
—Guest nat

Kal Bashir's version of hero's journey

His channel at www.youtube.com/user/clickokDOTcoDOTuk details the hero's journey process of most films.
—Guest William

The Anti-Hero's Journey

To me, the importance of The Hero's Journey is in understanding the arc of our own small non-heroic feeling lives. It can be hard to see life in a sea of cubicles as heroic in any way. Life as a license plate clerk in one of a dozen identical state offices, following rules and regulations set years ago by people who never had to apply them, rarely feels anything but mundane and mindless. And yet.. and yet... these are the scenes where our dragons dwell in this modern world. When I dwelt in CorporateLand, I had to deal with a different department, full of good people, run by a sociopath chief engineer who hired sociopath managers and sociopath engineers, bullies all. Apparently he intended they run interference with the engineers in my department, so his department could triumph. The mildly sociopathic chiefs and managers in my department wouldn't confront, and apparently couldn't outmaneuver, the other guy. One fine day, I found myself in a conference room, with my managers look
—Guest BobboMax

Never thought of that!

What an ingenious way to improve your understanding of literature! It might not work for some of what passes for modern literature and doesn't follow mythic structure, but for most of the classics, it will work every time. Vogler's book is a keeper in so many ways.


When I am working on the most general outline of a story, the elements of the hero's journey must be present or I know the story will be incomplete.

How does it help you?

How does the hero's journey help you in your reading or writing?

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