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Readers Respond: What Do You Put on Your People Bingo Cards?

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From the article: People Bingo
People Bingo is one of the best ice breakers for customizing to your particular group, whether it's a class, a conference, or a social gathering. Find bingo card characteristics here and add your own favorites. It's an idea frenzy!

Be sure to check out the ideas in the People Bingo thread in the Continuing Ed. forum: People Bingo Characteristics

family reunion

we're having a family reunion. any ideas on what to put on people bingo cards?

Communication activity

Communication activity in a group setting of six people.
—Guest Shareta

bingo cards

I need questions for people and the theme of our conference is tranistions
—Guest michelle

People Bingo

1. Someone who was born in California 2. Someone w/ a December birthday 3. Someone who is an only child 4. Someone who has children 5. Someone who is married 6. Someone who has ever been in the hospital 7. Someone who has a best friend 8. Someone who takes meds daily 9. Someone who has ever gotten a ticket for speeding 10. Someone who has ever traveled outside of the U.S. Any of these types of questions will do and clients have a blast running around trying to get their card filled first for the Prize~


I need fantastic ice breakers. I am doing event management
—Guest Geeta Shetty

Group Leader

Ice breaker ideas for groups of ten to thirty. My ideas are getting stale and I need some new ones
—Guest Kari Stephenson


Usually use information about birthdays and/or travel.
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