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Readers Respond: Creative Aging - How are you aging creatively?

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Older Americans across the country are dancing, singing, playing music, acting in the theatre, creating art of all kinds. What are you doing to stay youthful? How are you aging creatively? We want to know! How are you creative?


I am Lous Gagner from St. Albans, VT and 52 year young. I joined a writing group at the library. We write and read our writing. I do not consider being a writer. If you can form a subject, verb and a complete entence, than you can write. It is a great way to express ideas. Write about , what you know. I like to read, do art, draw and socializing at a coffee house, so you go out and express youself. Older people have a lot of wisdom to share. You can do it.
—Guest Louis Gagner

Community Engagement

As a 58 year old, my creativity direction changed as soon as my teens left for college. It is all about me! I have the time and energy to volunteer for several organizations that are important to me. My engagement is not age specific, so some days I'm with youth, teens, and other days I'm with families and seniors. I do not allow the internet to consume my time. I socialize with friends, and I go places on my own, and I'm enriched my spending time with people who are different from me.
—Guest Toni

Soul Ensemble Work -Tasmania, Australia

At aged 65 I am deeply immersed in creative arts through drama/theatre/group work and in 2013 will be facilitating my first 'Soul Work Ensemble' activity ...voluntary. In Hobart, Tasmania-Australia the group will encompass: 'Ageing to Sageing', Dreamwork, Creative Mind Spirit, Theatre Narrative, and very open discussion. This will be open to wider community participation -suitable for ages 50 -90+. Currently also rehearsing in "Fiddler on the Roof". Highly encourage 'grass roots' community creativity with the aim of sharing resources across the globe. Who am I? A retired person, with varied background experiences from 'New Age Journeying' to men's health, Amnesty International, social justice activism, spirituality workshops, theatre and singing. If I can be help one other person to be creative in their older years then this has all been worthwhile. THANK YOU for reading. Philip
—Guest Philip F Crouch

Great article!

Thanks so much for posting this wonderful article on this growing field! We are delighted to see the narrative shifting from seeing aging as a problem to one full of promise and potential.
—Guest Katie Fitzgerald, NCCA

Creative Aging

A lifetime vegetarian, strong believe in living life healthy and in moderation, I feel life is all about utilizing every moment with positivism and creativity, even in adversity. A Malaysian lady , I'll be 60 soon, and I'm doing my BETESL, will be graduating in 2014. Creative ageing is growing old gracefully with creativity flowing from within unobstrusively, leaving signs and symbols of creative beauty around for everyone to enjoy. I know that the most creative aspect of myself is writing, which gives me the greatest joy. Actually, I've hundreds of creative attributes about myself that I would like to share but I'm of concern that it would turn out to be a book and that the space provided will not permit it. Anyway, for me, to be creative comes from within and I believe that each and everyone possess this enpowering source within him/her. Therefore, do not go looking for it everywhere but, within yourself and just bring it out, all one needs is love for life and positivism. Love!
—Guest vani nair

aging creatively

i read your article on aging creatively and agree 100%. I am 58 years old and i still work but i have decided to go back to school and presently enrolled at penn foster college majoring in criminal justice and i plan on taking the L.S.A.T so i can go on to law school but i never thought that i would encounter so must hostility from the various colleges and universities especially law schools. I have been meet with the attitude that law school is only for those that are under the age of thirty, but i will not give up because my creatives juices are flowing. I enjoy reading the artical that Deb Peterson offer in her daily colume keep them coming and whwn i receive my degree and graduate from law schoo i will let you know.
—Guest ron mccovey


Philosophy; Currently writing the second book of my autobiograhy. The first was a psychological analysis from age 3 to 73. My philosophy will be completed befor i die; if I have anything to say about it. I have a third booked planned to complete my trilogy.
—Guest Jim Blaha

How are you creative?

Creative Aging - How are you aging creatively?

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