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Readers Respond: Why did you decide to go back to school?

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Starting college at 37

I have a successful career in the car business now, but I have always wanted more. So I started researching it and with some of the programs that are out there it actually made it possible to attend school and work full time. I am looking forward to the Fall so that I can get started.
—Guest Phillip

Living My Dream

I've decided that now, after all these years, being mislead and taken advantage of and living under someone else's guidelines was a mistake that I've gotten very used to. I want to go to college and live my remaining years happy with the attitude of a successful woman, and I will.
—Guest Forevermore

time to grow up

I had a relatively successful career working for a gov't agency but it wasn't what I wanted to be doing. I ended up first having a baby and after a year of being stay-at-home, I was REALLY ready to get back into school and get started on a real career, not only for just myself anymore but also for my son!
—Guest Alicia

Honestly, what other options did I have?

Had a college degree in a dying field (Journalism), had no job prospects and little that my education would do for me. Technology is where it is at...the one area that is guaranteed to grow and improve. Yet, I didn't want to pay the money to get another high priced degree like I had just done, so I did some research. Found this great cmopany that give you what you need for free to help you get on your feet and on your way to a great career. Worth a shot, what do you have to lose? This was the leg up I needed to get the career I have now... all at http://www.careersaver.com/training.asp "Access 50+ IT Courses for Free! Experience firsthand our new adaptive software and all its features including videos, audios and more! See why CareerSaver is recognized as the best in IT Training and Certification. There is nothing to download; you will receive your free license key instantly." http://www.careersaver.com/training.asp

Forced to change career paths

I was previously in a nursing position, spent time and money on several certifications, and had been accepted to nursing school. While at my current job I injured my back and have recently had surgery to correct the injury. The doctor said because of my injury I will not be able to continue in the nursing field because of its physically demanding duties. I am in my mid 20's and feel like this is as good of time as any because I will be home bound for a year or so. I would like information on online classes, but hoping I an in. the position to deal with the stress of recovery as well as school.
—Guest Determined

It's NEVER too late

Oct 2005: a high school dropout at 17 is laid off from 2 jobs in 90 days. Jan 2006 (age 45): my college career begins at Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo CA. May 2008: I am invited to speak at commencement and graduate with honors earning an AA degree in English literature. Granted admission to UCSB, UCLA and UCI, I chose the latter where I am currently a 5th year senior. Major: English/Sociology It's not been easy however the rewards are great. I am now 50 and will participate in UCI commencement ceremonies this June with a BA degree in English and Sociology. College has brought many wonderful opportunities. I can speak before large audiences (a miracle in itself), found my love of writing (plans to write a book). Most important---the many people who's paths I crossed on my educational journey has helped me to become the woman I am meant to be. It is my life's journey to inspire others to do the same. TAKE THE LEAP!
—Guest Paige Chastain

Really wanted to learn...

I went back to pursue a masters in public health because I was always fascinated by the topic. It's been hard work with a family, but I'm so excited by the course of study!
—Guest Robin

Find Myself

I have never finished anything within my life and feel as if I have to please everyone else. I want something for myself but I also would like to find myself.
—Guest Oneka

Went to school for the wrong reasons

I went straight to college after high school because that was what I was supposed to do. They always tell you your best bet in life is to go to college. So I did. The only problem was I didn't know what I wanted. I chose graphic design on a whim. It was interesting but in the end, though i got the degree, it was not a job I could handle or even wanted to. Art was fun for me, graphic design took the fun out of it. I'm 25 1/2 now and finally have an idea of what I want. I'm applying for ASU for next fall for psychology. I love to help people and am always analyzing everything and everyone. I want to make a difference in people's lives. This will help me do that.
—Guest Aubrey

why I when back to College

I had been working with children for the best part of my 30 and 40's i one group or another 4-H Girl Scouts tutoring and when I couldnt find a job in my field due to and injury I decided to become a teacher my friends say I am nuts but this year I will finish my DTA transfer and and be able to attend Heritage University in the fall for a pilot program in teaching some quarters I find harder that others but over all this has stretched me beyond what i could ever imaging . I have has two really bad head injuries that should have left me not functional and my writing is still really ruff at times but at 50 I am caring a 2.67 gpa and have started two study group and will try to start a geology club this term I have ran two great bussines and this is my bliss to spent the rest of my life giving or paying forward to empower children to be amazing Adults Sandi M
—Guest Sandi

For myself...

I just had a fascination with the topic and after the kids were older decided to further my training. It's been wonderful. I'm so happy I did it.
—Guest Robin

Why I went back to school

It was mostly quite simple: I wanted to change careers and needed a new graduate degree for that field. But I admit: I was also hungry for the learning that went with the new field of study.

Never Quit

I never stopped going, merely swapped from fulltime to afterwork studies. I do it for the pleasure thereof.
—Guest JJ

Do What You Love, Love What You Do!

I decided to go back for my History PhD, because I realized that a career in Law was not going to make me happy. I tried teaching at the university level, and really enjoyed it, so at age 32 I returned to school (again) with the goal of becoming a history professor. After all, we only get one chance at life (as far as I know). Why not do something you really love?
—Guest Kallie

Getting a Grad Degree

I earned my bachelors in 2002, and spent a couple of years working as a psychiatric technician. It's a very stressful job and the pay isn't that great. After a couple years, I realized that the only way I was going to move up the pay scale and find better job opportunities was to earn a graduate degree. I ended up going back to school to get a Master's degree in education, and also got my teaching license at the same time. It was a lot of work balancing real life, my job and school, but it was definitely worth it. Today, my job pays better, I have better hours and a lot more job satisfaction. My advice to anyone thinking about going back to school - you're a lot more likely to regret NOT going back to school than.
—Guest Kadence

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