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Readers Respond: Why did you decide to go back to school?

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Dropout of school

It wasnt my intention to dropout of school but now im struggling cause all de courses that im doing need matric so thats why i need 2 have my matric certificate.it seems as everything is stopping due to de fact of not having matric so please help me to fulfil my dream
—Guest Thandi

"Left Behind,"

I have not gone back to school, but I truly wish I could. I feel like I have fallen through the cracks of education. I was the kid that got left back in the first grade. How does one get left back in the first grade? In the seventh grade, I could barely read a third grade reader. However, while in the seventh grade I had a great teacher who inspired to read; unknown to him. I recall how he would give us students added information on pretty much and subject he touched on. I was so amazed with this I started to read more just to know than I had previously. Big surprise, over the summer, my reading had jumped a few grades. So much so, that I was required to retake a reading test over again. Over the years, I had continue to improve with my reading and I became a avid reader. My present problem is basic English grammar. A lot of my writing is intuitive, but I want to know how and why, the mechanics if you will, of writing.
—Guest Ray

going back to school

I realy need to go back to school because I need a matric cetificate so that I can achieve ♍Ɣ dream and go to univercity
—Guest fikile catrine tshabalala

back to school

I feel as if I don't know enough I'm willing to learn no matter how long it takes. I need guidance.
—Guest annie garcia

I hate this

I lost my job and couldn't find another. I've been to school twice, to no avail, so I decided I would go back and pursue tech writing because writing is all I can do. Then I found a good job that fit the schooling, but now that I'm in school I hate it. I wanted a family, not this. But my bf left me and I'm old and no one wants me. I don't want to be in school; I wanted to get married and have a family. Although on paper this is all good, IRL it sucks. It's too hard and I just don't have the strength to go on alone. I wish I could quit, but VR is paying for it and now I'm stuck. Maybe I'll get lucky and my new water heater will explode and kill me. What do you do when you don't want to do what you did?
—Guest Mabel

Lies on top of lies

I lied to my husband,(my boyfriend then)about graduating from high school, was so ashamed of my lack of education, although I knew I was smart, and personal situations held me back. After almost 20 years of lies he knows the truth, wish I would have done this a long time ago!
—Guest StartingOver

Community college is a great option

I dropped out of college 2 years ago (because I ran out of money), but I thought it would be okay to take a break since I had over 5 years' experience as an administrative assistant on my resume. Turns out that these days, employers would rather have someone with a liberal arts degree and no experience than someone with a lot of experience but no degree, so I begged my parents/in-laws for money to attend the paralegal studies program at my local community college. I started applying for paralegal jobs a month after I started classes in the program, and right away I got two interviews, one of which resulted in an offer that I accepted. I had originally enrolled as a "quick fix" (the paralegal program required the least amount of time to complete based on my previous credits), but as it turns out, I happen to love my new field! With my new earning potential, I hope to be able to afford my bachelor's degree, and then perhaps pursue law school.
—Guest Melissa


I immigrated in USA with three minor children 20 years at age 41. The little money Soviet Government allowed us to bring (around $2K as well as US government help $400) were stolen by the church, who named for us "sponsors". After 2 weeks of arrival I refused to sign "Living will" for that "church" on my children and my apartment in Moscow and 2 weeks after landing in USA we were left without sponsors and any meanings to live. We were cleaning motels, and do all kinds of jobs possible for us (children were 14, 12 and 6) Eventually I was able to get RN degree and work as RN for 13 years. My brother lives in Canada, and I decided to move closer to him. But Canada does not accept RN license in USA even as LPN. I need to get at least BSN license in Nursing (though in Russia I worked 20 years in Moscow as MD). In USA it is close to impossible for foreign white MD to be licensed in USA.Google: Foreign-Trained Doctors Kept Out of Practice in
—Guest Olga Dunina

best revenage is to be sucessful

I need a carrer I have a daughter Im only 20 and I need to show My daughter that Im not quitting and prove to myself that Im capable of doing n building a better future for us.
—Guest cathy

Purpose of college

I want to further my education for better pay and to provide for My family.
—Guest Eboni

why i want to go back

I want to make a better life for my daughter and I it is hard being a single mom with very little help from her dad. I did get my ged but that dont get you far in these times
—Guest Erica

be cause i need to own my thing.

I decided to go back to school, be cause I need to own my own thing. But I didn't have a chance to finish school. When I was in Haiti.
—Guest Marc larintz P.

Who does that??

Sandra Allen October 17. When did workstudy become a job for over 35 and not working on a graduate degree???
—Guest Sandra Allen

I need High School Diploma

I need high school Diploma to study in some Music College i want to start my music career in a professional way ...
—Guest Manmi

Career Change

Had to close my business and didn't want to work in retail anymore, so I went back to school to learn about chemistry. I have 3 kids and have to drive over an hour to get to school, but I don't regret it. If I didn't go back to school at the time I did, I might not have gone back at all.
—Guest JW

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