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Readers Respond: Why did you decide to go back to school?

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You're back in school after age 25. Why? To earn a long-yearned-for GED credential? A degree or advanced degree? To get a better-paying job? For the sheer thrill of lifelong learning? Tell us why you decided to go back to school and what you're learning.

i want to study again

bcz i want a better lyf for me nd ma kids nd i also experinced a lot aftr i left school nw i want to make thngs ryt for me nd my family
—Guest moeketsi mokhali

want to study again from Matric

i want be an IAS officer , iam 25 but then also want to study again & want to app era for IAS Please guide hw to agree my parents
—Guest anamika


bscause I wanna achieve my goal I thought is late bt I make up mind that eil never too late
—Guest nhlakanipho wiseman


bscause I wanna achieve my goal I thought is late bt I make up mind that eil never too late
—Guest nhlakanipho wiseman

The Benefit of a Degree

I needed to re-invent myself. After working in one industry/profession for 20 years; no longer qualified WITHOUT a degree or certificate Plus want to move into new field
—Guest Tina

its never too late

nothing ever too late because me i finish high school and got married again then i realise that getting married is a big cause. So right after having two kids I go back to finish foundation program and hopefully that i will get a good job someday so I know for sure that education can give you anything you want and we should support education matter perfectly
—Guest linenipahulu

Going Back

I was a teen mom and went to college for a short time when I was 20. I finished a tecnical degree at 28 and realized Nursing was not for me. Been working in accounting and hate it so going back for a Master's degree in Library Information. At 39 with 3 kids still at home.
—Guest chris

it's fulfilling

I was a high school salutatorian and right now i reminisce the great feeling of earning honors and recognition. I did not make it good in my first course and wanted so much to shift to law course because i feel I will be very good in reasoning and memorization and all those tasks which will define a good lawyer did not materialize I married a military man turned minister of the Gospel and by God's divine providence we were able to put up a rehabilitation center where people from all walks of life who needs a halfway home were accommodated. Though humble our beginnings, many people are thanking God our presence and for the pioneering spirit we had 20 years ago. Now, if God wills it , I will graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology come this March 2012. My decision to go back to school 5 years ago was not in vain. I believe I find my rightful place under the sun.I am on my 50's but still planning to pursue masteral and doctoral studies in the field of psychology
—Guest zen subrabas

my best Bet

my best bet in life is to go back to re- start my studies, so i wish and want to go back to school, as i love reading, writing and love to help people am sure this will help me .my parents were poor and could not afford for my needs at the college. as far as i know we only get a chance in life , so if i get this chance i will do it with love and pleasure.no matter what the reason to continue and to go forward in education is a very good investment if i do it with faith and confident.and also it improves a personal growth. although i have left school /education for so many years ,i have the conviction to re- start and am sure i will success even it will take me a long time to catch the gaps,i want to go to college and live my remaining years happily and to become a wonderful and successful business woman and a good writer as part of my hobbies.as education and learning has no restriction of age . i always focus on the positive as there's something positive in everyone.its never late
—Guest hadeen

homemaker not for long!

LONG story short. I'm married and have one daughter. My husband was DX with brain cancer last year. All the dreams and somewhat stability we knew are gone. Replaced with many feelings but one overall now I feel overwhelmingly like it's my responsibility to take care of us all and our future and myself. When it's all said and done you can only count on yourself to take care of yourself. So I'm thinking of school as an option because I cannot get a job right now...they just aren't calling me back. So I have to do something proactive!
—Guest Autumn

Job advancement

I started college right out of high school and hated it, so I went to work. Eventually, I discovered that if I attended college at night, it gave me better appraisals, and eventually promotions, because I was "improving" myself! Then I discovered I actually enjoyed "learning" as long as I didn't call it "school". I never got a degree and retirement stopped the additional funds. I now attend any class that sounds fun as long as I can afford it. I even took a class called Quantitative Analysis because it sounded (and WAS) fun. No matter what the reason, continuing education is important for mental health and personal growth. It did take a long time for me to figure that out, though!

i want to go back to school

i want to go back toschool because i had my first baby when i was 15 year old and my mom and dad they thought that look bad in me and iam haveing a hard time in my life that no one want to help u when you need the help since i was a little i had bad life with my mom and dad.
—Guest maria maldonado

wrong cylibus.

what can i say had a good grade back then 92/93,involve with school activities etc,then went back to my country,cannot co op with the new cylibus and everything when sour after word'.now lead a 9 to 6 office job with a salary committed to paying the bills!
—Guest haizrul

why do you want to go back to shcool

l would like to learning more on history,math,spelling
—Guest marion


I'm 25 years old, currently possess a "human services distributive" Bachelor of Arts degree, and graduated in 2009. I've worked at the same grocery store (yes...it's true) since 2007. I got that job after I graduated from a local community college. I worked at the store and took night classes for a year and a half and managed to pull it off--all this while having a learning disability (Asperger's syndrome--high-functioning autism). I'm getting to the point where I can't stand the fact that my hard work hasn't paid off yet. I'm solving my problems by taking continuing education classes to #1 get out of the grocery store and #2 to satisfy my complete boredom at work. I'm a single young woman and need to do something about my pathetic work situation.
—Guest Mindy

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