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Give a Speech People Remember


Whether you are a teacher or a student giving a presentation, make your speech one people remember. Make it stick by using six sticky principles taught by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

The Basics for Adult Students
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How to Meditate Away the Stresses of Going Back to School as an Adult

Meditation can help you manage the stress of going back to school as an adult. Learn how and your stress will start melting away today.

Give a Speech People Remember

Make your speech a great speech, one people remember, one that sticks. Six sticky principles by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

Top Ice Breaker Games for Adults

Ice breakers are the best way to help your students get to know each other, to break the ice on the awkward first day of school. If your students are adults, it's even more important to choose an ice breaker that won't backfire on you. Printable instructions.

5 Reasons Women Should Learn to Code

Robyn Steinberg of NYCDA gives you five reasons you should learn to code (now!) if you're a woman. Do you know why?

Help with Writing

Adult students often worry about their writing skills. You'll find help with writing here, whether you're a student or not.

How My Work Experience Helped Me Earn My Degree

Kristian Sevison required employees two levels below him to have a degree. Find out how he used his work experience to get his own bachelor's degree.

Khan Academy Can Help You with Math, and Almost Every Other Subject

Khan Academy Can Help You with Math, and Almost Every Other Subject

People Bingo Collection

We put all our People Bingo resources into one fun collection for you--rules, how to make your own cards, lots of idea lists. This ice breaker game is perfect for adults in the classroom, at seminars, and at any other gathering of adults.

5 Ways to Be Safe on Campus

More than 2 million women are assaulted on college campuses every school year. Practice these 5 tips from David Nance of SABRE to stay safe.

Rent Your Textbooks

Save money by renting your textbooks. We've added to our list of 5 Places to Rent Your Textbooks. We're up to almost 20. Find a new place, or share your favorite with us.

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