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Social Media Marketing University Profile


Launched in 2009 by John Souza, Social Media Marketing University aims to help businesses understand how to leverage the power of relationships and expand their presence by being as visible as possible in the online world.

The training side of the company, Social Media Marketing University, is designed to teach people how to listen, learn, and implement successful strategies. If you'd rather pay someone to do it for you, that option is available through Souza's Social Media Magic, found at socialmediamagic.com.

At the university, social media experts provide step-by-step instruction in how to determine who you are, who your target market is, and what your target market's triggers are.

"We provide clarity in all the clutter," Souza says. "You may be very good at what you do, but don't know how to let people know it."

SMMU is a finalist for Best Online Education Site in the Continuing Education 2013 Readers' Choice Awards. Vote in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

In addition to its university courses, the company also offers free weekly webinars. Here's the list of courses:

1. Advanced Facebook

Learn how to create a business profile and associated Facebook pages, groups, lists, and feeds, and how to take advantage of apps, ads, deals, and badges. The $797 course is designed to help you win more traffic, leads, and exposure, increased sales, deeper customer loyalty, and market dominance.

2. Advanced LinkedIn

SMMU's Advanced LinkedIn course teaches how to create a profile, find contacts, brand yourself, grow your network, and become a LinkedIn "thought expert." The cost is $797, and the course is designed to expand your reach, establish and boost credibility, improve public relations, help you build relationships and conduct in-depth research.

3. Advanced Twitter

The Advanced Twitter course, also $797, offers an introduction to Twitter for business, and teaches how to create a winning Twitter presence, network, build relationships, use third-party tools for marketing success, and measure and improve your return on investment.

4. Business Blogging

The Business Blogging course at SMMU teaches how to use different blogging platforms, set objectives, define your audience, create content, handle search-engine optimization (SEO) and comments, build relationships, and use social media. It also includes security, analytics, and plugins. The course cost is $797.

5. Email Marketing

The Email Marketing course is designed to help you drive traffic, increase customer acquisition, and boost overall engagement. It teaches 12 ways to build a powerful email list, effective ways to collect addresses, 10 marketing campaigns, delivery of relevant content, terminology and statistics, and secrets of autoresponder messages. The course is $797.

6. Local Marketing

SMMU's Local Marketing course is all about getting noticed by your local customers and getting them to take action. It includes an introduction to the Internet marketing process, using your website as a hub, email marketing, search engine optimization, using Google for business, video marketing, hybrid marketing, and measuring outcomes. Cost: $797.

7. Mobile Marketing

The future is mobile. This course is designed to help you stay ahead of the mobile curve. It covers mobile websites, landing pages and content, quick response (QR) codes, short message service (SMS, or texting), social media, mobile and location-based services, apps, and mobile advertising. The course is $797.

8. Pay Per Click

If you want to try Pay Per Click, know what you're doing, says SMMU. It's Pay Per Click course helps you target prospects, drive buyers to your site, gain information about your audience, and improve your return on investment. The course includes how to research keywords, design landing pages, design and test conversion funnels, set up AdWord campaigns, set up Google Analytics, and use Analytics to find the leaks in your sales funnels. Cost: $797.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest sends more referrals than LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ combined! That's what the SMMU Pinterest course claims. The course covers the right way to get started on Pinterest, how to be influential, how to create a successful strategy, and how to implement best practices. The cost is $797.

10. SEO

The SEO course at SMMU explains why SEO is important, and explains silos, keywords, architecture, competitor analysis, copywriting, linking, rankings, and accessibility. Cost: $797

11. Strategic PR

Increase your exposure and capitalize on social media by learning how to create a strategic public relations plan at SMMU. The Strategic PR course includes how to leverage basic PR principles for business success, best practices, how to grab attention by keeping media and stakeholders informed, how to win friends and influence journalists, and how to integrate social media into your PR plan. The cost is $797.

12. Video Marketing

Videos can generate massive web traffic, says SMMU. Learn how in the Video Marketing course, which teaches how to get started with online video, basic video production techniques, uploading, sharing, and distributing, creating videos without a camera, live video, webcasts, and web TV. The cost is $797.

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