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Excelsior College Online RN to BSN Nursing Student Alexandra Farnsworth

Non-traditional Student Completes Nursing Degree Via Distance Learning in Hawaii


RN to BSN Nursing Degree Student Alexandra Farnsworth in Online Nursing Degree Completion Program

Alexandra Farnsworth completed the Excelsior College online RN to BSN program from her home state of Hawaii; 85% of students at the New York-based college reside outside of the area and take courses online.

Alexandra Farnsworth

From Kapolei, Hawaii, RN to BSN nursing student Alexandra Farnsworth, 39, completed her Bachelor of Science in nursing through the New York-based Excelsior College online degree program. A single parent and full-time worker, Farnsworth's career and schooling path has taken her from emergency medical technician and paramedic certification and experience through to the RN credential and now, a full BSN degree. She spoke with About.com and reflected on her experience in the online nursing degree completion program at Excelsior.

About.com: What was your college experience before returning to school for the Excelsior College RN to BSN program?

Alexandra Farnsworth: Before Excelsior, I completed an EMT and later a paramedic program at a local community college. I knew that I wanted to continue my education but felt discouraged. I had only been able to take one or two courses a semester at a community college because I was a working single parent. It was difficult to find courses that fit my schedule and dealing with school traffic and parking was an added challenge. I heard about Excelsior from other paramedics. I was intimidated by the idea of a non-traditional school. Once I got started I knew Excelsior would be the key to my success.

About.com: What made you decide to get the BSN, and why Excelsior?

Alexandra Farnsworth: I decided to get my BSN because it is a necessary stepping stone for my career goal of becoming an emergency nurse practitioner. Excelsior was an easy decision because that is where I had earned my associate degree in nursing. I knew from experience that Excelsior would provide a quality program that would fit into my busy schedule.

About.com: What's your current job, and why did you select your particular field of nursing?

Alexandra Farnsworth: I work in an emergency department and am a flight medic. I chose the ED because it was a natural progression from my start as a paramedic. I enjoy emergency medicine because every day is different. I like the fast pace and variety. I also find making a difference not just to patients but also their families during life and death situations very fulfilling.

About.com: What advice would you give to a current registered nurse considering an online RN to BSN program like that at Excelsior College?

Alexandra Farnsworth: I would say do it! I grew as an RN in ways I did not expect by completing my BSN. I strongly believe that what is learned from the courses and from instructors, as well as fellow students, makes a well-rounded professional nurse.

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