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Teaching What You Learn


George Bernard Shaw once said, “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.”

Forgive me for arguing with this famous, Nobel-winning playwright, but teaching is one of the very best ways of making sure that you can do what you’ve learned. No matter what you’re studying, when you turn around and teach someone else, and the sooner the better, you deepen your understanding of the subject.

Studying for Your GED Credential?:

  • Teach your kids what you learned today.
  • Don’t have kids? How about grandkids?
  • No kids at all? Volunteer at your local literacy council.
  • Teach your cat, your neighbor’s cat.

Getting Your Degree?:

  • Look into becoming a teaching assistant in your subject matter at a local school.
  • Think about tutoring.
  • Join a study group.

Learning a New Skill at Your Job?:

  • Teach a co-worker.
  • Make a presentation to an interested group.
  • Write a memo and distribute to the appropriate people.
  • Write an article for your company newsletter or paper.

Just Get Back from Continuing Ed for Your Professional Certificate?:

  • Hold a Lunch and Learn session at work and share interesting updates in your field.
  • Write an article for distribution to employees, even customers if appropriate.
  • Make a poster highlighting key learnings and hang at work.
  • Consider offering a Continuing Education course at your local community college or community center.

Enlightened by a Positive Thinking Course at the Community Center?:

  • Share the ideas with your partner. Commit to practicing them together for a week, then another week.
  • Tell your friends what you learned, your family.
  • Teach the concepts in the groups in which you participate.

Struggling with Your ESL Classes?:

  • Ask a fellow student to practice with you after class. You are likely finding different areas easier than others. Teach each other the parts you understand clearly.
  • Join an online language learning site and help others in the forum.
  • Teach a relative or friend the new words you learn.

Become an Expert Faster:

Whether you’re learning a new language or the latest techniques for controlling feline leukemia, how to give an effective speech or conjugate an English verb, teaching someone else what you’ve learned will help you become an expert faster. Apply what you learn by teaching it.

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