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The 2014 GED Social Studies Test

What's on the new 2014 GED Social Studies Test?


The GED Social Studies Test is new as of January 1, 2014. It is now taken on a computer and takes about 90 minutes. We'll tell you what to expect.

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Source: Compiled from information from The American Council on Education, the official GED Testing Service.

What You Need to Know about Social Studies

The new 2014 GED Social Studies Test focuses on reasoning skills in four areas:

  1. Civics and government (50% of your score)
  2. United States history (20%)
  3. Economics (15%)
  4. Geography and the world (15%)

Questions involve both academic and workplace situations, and are formatted as multiple choice, drag and drop, hot spot, and fill in the blank. There is one extended response question that requires students to analyze arguments and use evidence found in the text.

The Social Studies Test focuses on two main themes:

  1. Development of Modern Liberties and Democracy: both current and ancient ideas about democracy and civil rights; contemporary thinking; policies and structure; major events that have shaped democratic values; and major thinkers who contributed to American ideas of democratic government.
  2. Dynamic Responses in Societal Systems: how the systems, structures, and policies people have created respond to each other, conditions, and events (how societies and civilizations have developed and changed in response to particular geographic features and natural events); national economies; natural laws of economics, such as supply and demand; how countries respond to internal and external changes and challenges.


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