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Help for Non-Traditional Students - Tips, Advice, Resources


If you're 25+ and returning to school for any reason, we can help with study and balance tips, online learning info, advice, and lots of resources.
  1. Decide - Should You Go Back to School?
  2. Find the Right School
  3. Find the Right Program
  4. Be an Online Student
  5. Know Your Learning Style
  6. Get Your GED Credential
  7. Get Your Degree
  8. Get Help with Your Writing
  1. Study Smarter
  2. Balance Your Life
  3. Pay for School - Scholarships and Loans
  4. Get a Professional Certificate
  5. Learn English as a Second Language (ESL)
  6. Read - Books for Adult Students
  7. Meet Non-Traditional Students
  8. Extras

Decide - Should You Go Back to School?

Student with Laptop by Nick White / Digital Vision / Getty Images

Going back to school when you've already got a life filled with family, work, community, sports, and hobbies can be a real challenge. And yet many adults return to the classroom every year at every age. If you're thinking about going back to school, we can help with information and encouragement.

Find the Right School

Correspondence Course from the University of North Dakota

Some schools are better than others when it comes to serving non-traditional students. We've got the low-down for you and will continue to build our database of school and program profiles. Which school is right for you?

Find the Right Program

Researching a Paper by Flying Colours Ltd - Getty Images

Find a program that suits your goals and your life. Contributing Writer Melanie Zoltan will keep expanding this list of program profiles to help you discover the program that's right for you.

Be an Online Student

Jupiterimages - Getty  Images

Opportunities abound to learn just about anything you want in the comfort of your own home, but online education requires some adjustments.

Know Your Learning Style

Woman in Library by Dimitri Vervitsiotis - Getty Images

How do you learn best? As busy adults, knowing how we learn best helps tremendously when it comes to scheduling our busy days. Take these tests and find your personal learning style.

Get Your GED Credential

All Kinds of GED Students by Nick White - Getty Images

It doesn't matter why you didn't finish high school. You still can. Passing the GED test is the equivalent of getting your high school diploma. Find out what's involved, and be on your way to a better job, a degree, or the accomplishment of a dream. It's never too late. You can do it. We're here to help.

Get Your Degree

Holland Hall at St. Olaf College

Still thinking about getting your Bachelor's degree? Master's? Doctorate? Here's the info you need to choose the right degree and the right school, make your way through the admissions process, and fit in with the other students, no matter how old you are.

Get Help with Your Writing

Comstock - Getty Images

If you fear going back to school because you think your writing skills aren't up to par, you're not alone, but we can help.

Study Smarter

Reading by Yasuhide Fumoto - Getty Images

Once you've decided to go back to school, how do you fit it all in your already busy life? How do you balance going to work, studying for school, spending time with your family, and living your life? Study smarter. We'll help you.

Balance Your Life

Student Studying by Marili Forastieri / Getty Images

Balancing school, work, and life can be a challenge. Find help here, from child care options to time management tips.

Pay for School - Scholarships and Loans

Write a Learning Contract

One of your primary considerations in whether or not to go back to school is going to be finances. How will you pay for school? Where and how can you get a scholarship? There are people and resources available to help you.

Get a Professional Certificate

Professional Certification by Steve Cole / Getty Images

Many careers require certification, and most certificates require annual credits in continuing education to keep professionals current in their field. Are you up to date? Have you always wanted to get a better job through certification?

Learn English as a Second Language (ESL)

Managing Disruptive Behavior by Charlie Edwards / Digital Vision / Getty Images

Learning English as a second language is a dream for many people, and it can be a tough language to learn. It doesn't have to be any tougher because you're an adult. Find information and encouragement here, and check back often for new content.

Read - Books for Adult Students

The Adult Student's Guide to Survival & Success by Al Siebert and Mary Karr

There are books galore to help you be a better student. Find reviews here.

Meet Non-Traditional Students

Jennifer Hefner's Law Graduation by Brittany Madden

Curious about other non-traditional students? We'll introduce you to them right here. Read their stories and be inspired to return to school yourself.


Meditate by Dougal Waters - Getty Images

We all love the extra little things about life, don't we? Here are a few extras for the non-trad student.

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