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There are lots of ways to make life more satisfying, and many of them have to do with lifelong learning. Explore the opportunities available in your community, on the Internet, at your library, even on your television. From audio to video, from social to online, you'll find myriad ways to learn whatever you want to know. Continue your education forever.
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5 Reasons Women Should Learn to Code
Robyn Steinberg of NYCDA gives you five reasons you should learn to code (now!) if you're a woman. Do you know why?

Learning Vacation Discounts for Students
Lifelong learners love learning vacations, and travel discounts make the whole thing even better. Learn about student discounts from STA Travel.

Momenta Workshop - Project New Orleans with Leica

Momenta Workshop - Project DC 2013 - Photography as a Force of Change
From the winner of the 2013 Readers Choice Award comes a new article for lifelong learners about a life-changing photojournalism workshop in Washington DC.

Learn Something New
Learning something new every day promises to keep you younger and healthier, and it's easier than ever. Start with our collection of learning opportunities.

School of the World - 5 Ways to Learn on Vacation
The School of the World is a special place for travelers that want to pursue a passion or learn a new skill while on vacation. It is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, in the town of Playa Jaco. By combining elements of a boutique hotel, surf camp, language school, yoga retreat, and photography workshop under one roof, we have built our...

What Is TED?
What is TED? If you haven't yet been introduced to this fabulous source of lifelong learning inspiration, come on in. We'll tell you what it is and show you how you can get involved.

TED Inspires Lifelong Learning
If you're a lifelong learner who hasn't listened to a TED talk, you're in for a real treat. TED has lots more than lectures to offer. Come. Be inspired.

How are you involved with TED?
How are you involved with TED? Do you listen to TED Talks, help to translate them? Do you customize TED Talks for your own lesson plans? Talk to us.

Should You Go Back to School?
Should you go back to school? School is a serious proposition. Consider these eight questions before going back to school.

3 Characteristics of Effective Adult Education
Make learning more effective, for yourself and your students. Teachers, do your lesson plans include these three characteristics?

8 Places to Find Free Educational Videos
You can learn almost anything on the Internet now. We've got a list for you of some of the best places to find educational videos.

Is Your Company Committed to Lifelong Learning?
Is your company committed to lifelong learning? Tell us how your company provides lifelong learning opportunities for its employees and shows that it's committed to lifelong learning.See submissions

Sisters on the Fly
Congrats to Sisters on the Fly for winning Best Learning Vacation in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards at About Continuing Education!

Self-Directed Learning
Ron Gross and Sue Salko write about their experience at the 2013 International Symposium on Self-Directed Learning held in Cocoa Beach, Florida in February.

Sharing the Stories of Our Lives: New Frontier for Lifelong Learners
Life Review has proven successful over a 35-year period at enhancing the lives of older adults. Great Neck Senior Center offers a program that could be a model for your community.

Today I Learned...That Rose Wines Are Not Sweet
I always thought pink wine was sweet, but today I learned that rosé wines, which are pink, are not sweet. Why?

Today I Learned...Random Acts of Learning
Learning happens every day if you're paying attention. What did you learn today? Here's our collection of random acts of learning - trivia at its best.

Today I Learned...About Rose-Colored Glasses
We all know that to see something through rose-colored glasses is to see things as better than they are, but have you ever looked through actual rose-colored glasses? What is the origin of this idiom?

Today I Learned...That Marshmallows Originally Came from a Plant

A Place to Share Your Lifelong Learnings
As a tribute to lifelong learning, About Continuing Education invites you to participate in Today I Learned.... Share with the world what you learned today, how you are dedicated to lifelong learning.

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