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Gift Ideas to Give the Adult Student a Break

Get your adult student out of the house.


It's tough balancing school, work, and life. What most adult students need most of all is a break from it all once in a while. We've got five gift ideas that will get your hard-working student out of the house.

1. Museum Membership

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art - Rendering by John Horner
Rendering by John Horner

Depending on where you live, of course, a membership to a local museum can be a great gift for the adult student, especially if the museum is related to the student's field of study. There are science museums, art museums, museums of natural history, dinosaur museums, museums that preserve specific cultures.

Consider botanical gardens in this category, too.

If you haven't been to a museum for a long time, if ever, take a look around when you go to buy your membership gift. You'll learn something...guaranteed! Consider it a bonus.

If you travel together, consider a museum visit on your next trip. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opened in Bentonville, Arkansas on 11/11/11. Now that would make an awesome gift.

2. Performing Arts Season Tickets

The Great Russian Nutcracker - Moscow Ballet
Moscow Ballet

The performing arts include wonderful events like the ballet, the symphony, opera, theatre, magic, circus acts, dance of all kinds, music of all kinds. How can you go wrong? There is something in the performing arts for everybody, and with season tickets, you can pick and choose. If you decide against a performance, you can give your tickets to friends and the gift is doubled.

At left is the Moscow Ballet performing The Great Russian Nutcracker. Attending the performance has become an annual tradition for many families. You just might be starting a tradition of your own.

Buy your adult student season tickets to a local performing arts venue, and you'll be a hero.

3. Gym Membership

Yoga Class by Andrea Wyner - Getty Images
Andrea Wyner - Getty Images

A gym membership isn't nearly as glamorous as season tickets to the symphony or a museum membership, but it's definitely a healthier option. Not that the symphony and museum are unhealthy! The museum, at least, involves a nice long walk. And isn't culture of any kind healthy.

Nevertheless, there's nothing like a gym membership to get the juices flowing. How many times have you heard someone say they've always wanted to take a yoga class.

Buy your adult student a year-long membership to the local gym, and workouts will provide stress relief in addition to the expected physical benefits. Winning!

4. Dinner Date

Dinner Date by Burke/Triolo Productions - Getty Images
Burke/Triolo Productions - Getty Images

Dinner out means a lot of different things, doesn't it? For some it's the local family restaurant. For others, dinner out means dressing up for an evening of white table cloths, wine, and your favorite seafood. Don't forget dessert!

You know what it means to the adult student you love. Ask your student out on a date to the place he or she likes best, and make a memorable evening, whatever that means to the two of you.

5. Movie Tickets

Movie Date by Emmanuel Faure - Getty Images
Emmanuel Faure - Getty Images
The classic date includes a movie after dinner. If your adult student loves movies, weekly or monthly tickets are a gift they'll cherish, whether or not dinner is included. Sometimes popcorn is more fun than dinner!

If you have a favorite theatre, this gift is a no-brainer. If you don't, think about taking a theatre tour. Buy tickets at a different theatre every month.

A lot of adults prefer matinees, which are usually quieter and less packed. They're also a bargain!

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