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TED Inspires Lifelong Learning


There are so many ways you can get involved with TED, whether you're able-bodied or stuck at home. What is TED? It's a fabulous collection of people and ideas. It's the spreading of ideas all over the world in a number of different ways. If you're a lifelong learner looking for a little, or a lot, of inspiration, take a look at this list of ways in which you can be involved with TED.

1. TED Talks

TED Talks are the most popular way to participate in TED. These are the taped 18-minute lectures that have been collected since 1984. Thanks to all the great new techy gadgets available, you can watch TED Talks anywhere now, any time you want.

Check out the list of videos at TED Talks.

If you're a teacher, be sure to check out how you can "flip" these videos, customizing them for your own lesson plans: Customize Lesson Plans with TED-ED

2. TED Conferences

There are two primary TED Conferences every year, one in Long Beach, CA ($75,00), which is invitation only, and TEDActive ($2,500) in Palm Springs for "the young, the wise, the undiscovered."

An international conference, TEDGlobal ($6,000), is held every summer in Edinburgh, UK.

Schools and organizations can join TEDLive for various prices and watch both conferences live.

3. TEDx Events

TEDx events are more accessible to those who can't afford to participate in one of the larger conferences. These are smaller events organized by individuals around the world, giving more people "the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level."

You'll find a lot of these taking place on college campuses, many of which have specific themes. A world map on the TEDx page shows all upcoming events. There's likely to be one near you, wherever you are.

4. TEDPrize

TED is all about the sharing of ideas. It started out focused on technology, entertainment, and design, but it's much bigger than that today, and there's room for your idea, "for a wish that can inspire the world."

If you have an idea, a wish, to share, TEDPrize is the place to share it, and you just might earn yourself $1 million to help make your idea a reality. You can nominate yourself or someone else.

5. TED Conversations

TED Conversations are a chance for anybody who registers, which is free, to participate in asking a question, sharing an idea, or starting a debate. Each conversation stays on the site for one month. Start a conversation about something you're passionate about!

6. TED Blog

Subscribe to the TED blog and keep up with the latest going on in the organization. There's a handy little pull-down menu on the right navigation bar for finding blogs about the topics of interest to you.

7. TED Open Translation Project

Are languages your thing? Volunteers around the world are helping to translate all TED Talks into lots of different languages. Maybe you can help: TED Translations

As of July 2012, talks have been translated into 89 languages!

8. TED Books

TED Talks have even been compiled into books, most of which are about 20,000 words. "Shorter than a novel, but longer than a magazine article," the company says. There's even an app you can subscribe to. TED Books.

9. TED Open TV

Surprisingly, TED TV is not as easily accessed as most of the other opportunities on this list. As of July 2012, the program is in beta, with several broadcasters around the world involved. You'll find a list of broadcasters on the TED Open TV page.

10. TED-Ed

We saved the best for last. TED-Ed gives teachers an opportunity to customize any TED Talk. We were so excited about this, we wrote a piece just about flipping. What's flipping? Find out: Customize Lesson Plans with TED-Ed

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